Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family Fun At Home Depot

"Look what I made, Mommy!"

Sheila here, and one of my son Eric's favorite places in the world is Home Depot. We discovered this one day last summer while picking up something or other at one of the stores in Northern Kentucky. Eric went straight for the riding lawn mowers outside in front of the store, and he would have climbed up and down on them all day if we had let him.

Here's another reason to take your kids to a Home Depot store. The first Saturday of every month, they hold a Kids Workshop from 9 a.m. until Noon. Kids get to build things with real hammers and nails, and they have a blast. Last Saturday, the featured project was this planter. Eric had a great time building it, and I learned a lesson: don't put your fingers too close to a three-year-old when he's hammering!

He's also constructed a mini cornhole game, a sailboat, and a race car. When the kids are finished, they get a pin to put on their work aprons (also provided by Home Depot), a certificate, and a cookie. And it's all free, so it's a great deal. We bought a couple of yellow pansies to put in Eric's planter, and he is having fun watching his flowers grow.

On April 23rd, local Home Depot stores will have a special Kids Workshop with an Easter themed planter your little builders can create. Have fun and happy hammering!


  1. Eric WAS having fun watching his flowers grow...that is until last night. Chester, our cat, ate 'em.

  2. Love this! Wish we had a Home Depot close. I'll check to see if Lowes offers the same!