Monday, May 31, 2010

Honoring The Fallen, Praying For Those Serving

On this Memorial Day, my mind is on the men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We should all be very grateful to them. And a local man is making sure the ones who are still in harm's way has some spiritual support.
Sheila here. I filed a Faith Works report this spring about Bobby Vallandingham. He is a veteran of the war in Iraq, and while he was serving, his late grandfather started non-denominational prayer services for our troops in 2005 at the Trucker’s Chapel at the TA truck stop on Ky. 18 in Florence. Bobby says he keeps up the tradition because he could feel the prayers when he was overseas: "I knew I had people praying for me. Being separated from my family, I had a lot of strength. I felt a lot of strength from people praying for me, and I know faith was vital in that because other believers were lifting me up."

Leaders of the service read the names of service members. When our cameras were there, they read the name of Tracy Goodart's son, who is serving in Afghanistan. She says, "We feel the presence of God when we come here."

The service is held on the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. Bobby calls it a divine appointment. "It's the least I can do to come here and pray for those serving, who are weary, who are separated from their families. I'm faithful to them since others were faithful to me."

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Golfers With Good Hearts

Imagine playing 100 holes of golf in one day! It sounds like a golf widow's nightmare. Instead, it's a way five guys who've known each other since high school are giving their hearts to the community.

Sheila here, and I want you to know about Cincinnati Golfers for Charity. Five men who met in school at St. Xavier High came up with the idea after participating in a 100 Golf Challenge event that had been hosted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It's morphed into a new charity. Each year, the CGC sets out to play 100 holes of golf in one day! Ahead of the event, the members raise as many dollars as they can from friends, relatives, peers, and anyone willing to donate. The funds raised are then divided up between the Make-A-Wish Foundation, as well as one other charity selected for that particular year, like Cancer Free Kids or the Arthritis Foundation.

This is the group's third year, and the guys and their supporters have already raised $250,000! Dave Geppert is one of the founders, and I met him this spring at a fundraising dinner. He and his wife Kara have been involved in the Make A Wish foundation, in part out of their gratitude for having a healthy daughter, Annie. Another founder, Matt Olson has a large family and a career, but he also finds time to give back to the community. These are guys with hearts bigger than the courses they play, and if you or some golfer you love is willing to spend a loooong Friday (12 hours!) on the greens and fairways, they'd love to have the help!

The CGC's next event is a golf-a-thon on June 4th at Hamilton County's Vineyard Golf Course. You can get involved or find out more about Cincinnati Golfers for Charity at

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Historic Night for Reds

Hi it's Meghan:) I'm a little sleepy because I stayed up to go to the Reds game Monday night. It was a celebration to the team for making Major League history by being the first to play under lights.

Wow - The Reds organization did a great job with the tribute! They did everything from a live mascot race to selling cups of peanuts for 10cents.

The part I really liked was the game - for the first time I wasn't distracted by the modern day music, video or games. Even the scoreboard and rest of the video boards had just the basic information. I focused on enjoying the experience with my friends, listening to the old time organ music and watching the team playball. I got a sense of how watching baseball use to be.

I did a story leading up to the game by talking to some of the fans that were there that night. The two were boys then and 81 years young now:) They had some great things to say. Click here to watch my story

Monday, May 24, 2010

Relay for Life Raises Thousands

I was Italian Friday night. Hey it's Rob. Let me explain.

I hosted the kick off celebration for Campbell County's Relay for Life Friday night.

The extended Pangallo family gave me this shirt to wear. It reads, "Team Italia." I'm sure Frank Marzullo and Meghan Mongillo would approve. Pretty dorky picture, huh.

This year's relay was held under the I-471 Bridge because of all the severe weather. It was really wet.

However as you can see the spirits of those taking part weren't dampened.

Hundreds showed up including dozens cancer survivors who were given sashes to wear.

They also released these balloons with messages to reach those who are no longer with us.

This is Mareka Miller and her daughter. Mareka is the one who asked to to host the event last and this year.

The event raises money for the American Cancer Society, but it also puts a face on the disease.

You hear personal stories of how people and their families were touched by cancer.

We also heard from Kevin Reynolds. Cancer took both his kidneys, so he has at home dialysis 4 days a week. He can't get a transplant under he's been cancer free for 5 years. Happy to say he's been cancer free for 3 years, 1 month and more than 20 days.

Heard from Mareka over the weekend. The relay raised more than $50,000.00 for the ACS.

Like all the people who showed up for the event, count me in for next year.

The Gift of Girl Time

It sounds corny, but girls need girlfriends.

Sheila here, and I think the older we get, the more we can see which girlfriends are good for us. Having my second child made me realize that I can't have as many relationships as I used to, at least not if I want to have quality relationships. When you're young, you travel in packs. When you get older, you look for some meaning.

I have found meaning in my renewed friendship with my girlfriend Amanda. We were friends years ago when we lived in the same town, but like a lot of friends do, we drifted apart for awhile. It just happens sometimes, but we drifted back together last year when my husband Ric and I took a trip to the city where we met, Charleston, West Virginia.

You know a person is a good friend when you can pick up a conversation where you left off, even if there are many years and miles in between. The cool thing about girlfriends like Amanda is, they get you. By that I guess I mean women look at life in the same way. With the right girlfriend, you don't have to be on guard because you know she won't judge you, you feel valued because she asks for your opinion and listens to it.

I have faith that life will always give me what I need, and now that Amanda's back, I know I needed her. Not because anything was lacking, just because she brings a perspective and a positive energy that I'm really enjoying.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Relay for Life

This Friday I have the honor of kicking off Campbell County's Relay for Life at Newport High School.

Hey everyone. It's me Rob.

Last year Mareka Miller asked me to kick of the event. It's a good cause so I decided to do it again this year.

The relay for life benefits the American Cancer Society. More than 3,500,000 people take part in nearly 5,000 communities nationwide.

It is a fun filled overnight event that raises money and awareness to support the American Cancer Society's life saving mission.

At the relay teams celebrated the lives of people who have battled cancer and remember loved ones lost. The teams camp out at the school and members take turns walking or running around the track. The event is overnight because cancer never sleeps.

Local Group Needs Your Help

Good Morning Everyone, Weatherman Frank Here...

Who could forget August 29th 2005 when the costliest hurricane in American history made landfall on the Louisiana coastline as a category 3 storm. The storm was called Katrina and she is one of the top 5 deadliest hurricanes in history, taking at least 1,836 lives. The problem with Katrina was her storm surge which took over the levees in New Orleans and flooded parts of the city and outlying parishes, including the lower 9th ward of the city. It has been about 5 years now, but the clean up and rebuilding continues. Unfortunately, like many disasters as the months and years go by, many seem to forget that people still suffer. That is why one local group here in the Tri-State is keeping the rebuilding alive and you can help.

GONOLA is a party for cause and takes place this Friday at the Leapin' Lizard in Covington. The event raises funds to send over 450 of your neighbors to New Orleans for 2 weeks, to work with Habitat For Humanity rebuilding homes and lives in the still-devastated areas of the city. The trip is July 10 to 24th and the group needs your help. The party will feature Less Nessman and the Finneytown Brass, a $5 dollar cover at the door goes directly to GO NOLA. Doors open at 8:30 and the music starts at 10pm, at the Leapin' Lizard' 726 Main Street Covington. So stop out, donate, and learn how you can also get involved. Because, once a storm passes and the media attention dies off there are still those in need of our help so the least we can do is continue to bring awareness and open our hearts and wallets.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Comfort Food / Chocolate Milk Diet

Good Morning Friends, Marzullo The Weatherman Here....
With all of our gray skies, drizzle, and cooler temperatures I had a craving for some comfort food yesterday for lunch! So I made my way over to Lavomatic on Vine Street in the Gateway Quarter. It's a quaint, open floor plan, and simple little place, but the food is certainly not simple in taste. My co-anchor and pain in my side sometimes, Rob Williams always talks about there grilled cheese with boursin cheese and mild cheddar, so I had to try it. I also paired that with my favorite type of soup tomato bisque, that was topped with a splash of pesto and sprinkled with mozzarella cheese. Sooooooo Gooooooood!! What is about those type of dishes that bring you back to child hood and make you feel all warm and cozy inside? What is your favorite comfort food dish?

Now on a negative side, I had to force myself to stay up yesterday afternoon, I was so full and sleepy after my meal it was not even funny! However, I did make it to the gym yesterday afternoon something you must do after eating what I had for lunch. Speaking of the gym are you dieting? Are you trying to eat healthy? Early this week I got a email about a new type of diet. I recently read a article on the chocolate milk diet, yes you heard me right a diet made of chocolate milk. I love chocolate milk probably have two glasses a day. It quenches your thirst and fills you up all at the same time, I have always said it feels like a shot of healthy energy. There is nothing better if I had to be a on a island and only could bring two things, I would bring a cow for milk and Willy Wonka because I am sure he would have some device that would make chocolate. We will discuss this later in the week, but in the meantime read it here:

The New Guy In My Life

I have a new guy in my life. He wears great clothes, has a winning smile, and there's always a good conversation when he's around. Darren is my new hairdresser.

Sheila here.
A woman's hairdresser is so important to her, Oprah did a whole show on how hard it is to break that bond! When I came to Cincinnati, one of the first things I did was ask Tricia Macke to recommend her hairdresser. She sent me to Jim, and we had an instant connection. You girls can just imagine how crushed I was when Jim told me a few years ago he was retiring and moving to Florida. Lucky for me, we do makeovers on the Fox 19 Morning News. That helped me find Paul. Paul always made me laugh. Paul's Italian, and one time he even fed me his famous lasagna! Paul left town this spring, so I jumped across the aisle at Salon Urbanity to Darren.

Now I already knew Darren, had seen some women with fabulous looking hair leave his chair on a regular basis, but few things make my blood pressure rise like the stress of trying a new hairdresser. My husband Ric says I'm obsessed with my hair. Rob told Ric one time he'd never seen anyone else painstakingly change the position of a single hair on her head. Maybe it's because I'm on TV, I really don't know. I just know that if my hair doesn't look good, I don't feel good!

So what a sigh of relief it was when Darren finished up and sprayed on the hairspray that first time he did my hair. My hair looked good, so I felt great. Just like any new friend, we are getting to know each other. He's told me about his love of landscaping, we've talked about restaurants, shows, and cars, and gossiped about how Lebron James played against the Celtics the other night. He's just a really nice guy, but he's a really good hairdresser!

Right now Darren and the other stylists at Salon Urbanity are sweeping up hair clippings to help with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Lots of local salons are getting involved through an organization called Matter of Trust. You can find out more about that at, and you can find Salon Urbanity at

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Are You Depressed ?

Marzullo The Weatherman...

So I have entered the witness protection program, my new name is Bob Smith and I run a small pizza shop in Fargo, North Dakota! Not really, but I feel like going to hide somewhere because many of you have notified me that your sick and tired of this gloomy, gray, and showery weather! I have good news, bright skies are around the corner, but we will have to wait until late Wednesday and Thursday for some sunshine. Track Your Forecast Right Here:

I mean really? Jimmy Buffet yesterday with showers and drizzle and temperatures only in the upper 50's, I do not think true Parrot Heads mind though! Today expect another cloudy day with some light showers, nothing heavy, this afternoon for the Reds and Brewers at Great American Ball Park. Bring a jacket though, a high of only 61 degrees, when we usually average a high of 75. This low pressure system continues to rotate in those light showers, but just stay tough my friends, near 80 by Saturday!

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Loveland Gem

It must be hard to open up a restaurant during any market, but especially during an economic downturn. I really admire people who are willing to take that kind of risk.

Hello, Sara Celi here.

I've often heard that running an restaurant really is a labor of love, a effort not to be taken lightly. Last night, I got to see one man's labor of love on display.

My husband Sean and I went to the expansion party for Tano Bistro in Loveland. If you haven't heard of, or tried the place, you must go. The upscale restaurant just opened in January, but it's been a rousing success. As we mingled with the crowd, I kept hearing over and over again how happy people were this type of place had opened up in Loveland's historic downtown.

Tano's owner and head chef is Gaetano Williams, who used to be on staff at McCormick and Schmick's downtown. Last night, he served us a menu of small plates, including calamari, oysters, and nachos. Party goers also got a first look at the new bar and party room, the main parts of his expansion. I especially liked the bar; it was a beautiful dark wood that complimented the the gold leaf paint in the walls. Williams also share with me plans to add outdoor dining to this Loveland hot spot.

Sean and I walked away with our appetites whetted. I bet we'll be back soon, despite the 20 minute drive. The next time, we'll sit down to a full dinner.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ryan Korengel, An Inspiration to all

I had the pleasure of meeting 14 year old Ryan Korengel.

He's awesome. Hey everyone. Rob here.

I know this is my first post of the week. Sorry for that, but I've been extremely busy putting Ryan's story together. He and his family trusted me with their story and I wanted to do a good job.

Remember those severe storms that knocked out power to something like 800,000 customers in September of 2008. Well that storm almost killed Ryan. Watch his story of comeback. Be reminded that when it comes overcoming life's obstacles attitude is everything.

By the way, Ryan was just awarded the Yes I Can Award for athletics in Nashville.

Here's Ryan's story here. Warning: It may choked you up. It did for me.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer Reading Fun

I love reading. Maybe that's why I became a news anchor, but there are few things I love more than a really good book.

Sheila here. It's time to start making your summer reading plans, and that means getting your kids involved. The Hamilton County Public Library was just named one of the Top 10 libraries in the U.S.A., and is promoting its summer reading programs.

There's no cheaper entertainment for summer vacation, and kids and adults alike can earn prizes for their reading achievements. Preschoolers and kids can win three different toys and a book. Teens can win a lanyard, a flash drive, and a book. Adults can win a gift certificate good toward buying books. The library is also offering grand prizes which include a Razor scooter and a camcorder.

You can also take the whole family to kickoff parties which begin on May 29th. You can find out more or sign up online for summer reading at

Don't feel left out if you live in Northern Kentucky. I love my library branch in Erlanger, and Kenton County also has fun summer reading prizes and programs for kids and adults. There's a pizza party planned for June 5th, and a Race to Read 5K Walk & Run on June 12th. You can find out about all of the great programs, including summer reading in Kenton County libraries at

Good books are like friends to me. They entertain me, take me to places I've never been, and even make me laugh or cry. I hope, like me, you're instilling that love of books in your kids because it paves the way to so many great things.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Weekend Of Food !

Frank Marzullo Here...
How was your weekend? Do you anything fun or exciting? I apologize for the late blog entry I was just to tired yesterday morning to write, or should I say to full! I feel as if I ate all weekend long especially on Saturday as I spent my morning and early afternoon at Findlay Market, a true gem of our city. ( In case you could not tell from this picture I was at Findlay Market, yes Rob this is another picture of myself, feel free to make comments!! ) A tad cheesy??

Everyday is a great day to head to the market but I have to say the best is on the weekends, with the farmers market, street entertainers, and people from all walks of life spending time with each other. After I ate my ham, egg, and gruyere cheese crepe I then stepped out to hear a group of young kids get there jam on. They were from Loveland and it was awesome to hear there talents and see there enthusiasm to perform for market shoppers. After I listened to the kids I spent 30mins wine tasting at Market Wines, great conversation with neighbors from all over the city and trying some new vino! I wrapped up my visit with some gelato at DoJo, you must try the sea salt, mixed with the nutella gelato, so good! Everyone in the Tri-State should make it a point to visit the market this summer at some point, especially before a BBQ anything you want to throw on the grill is there and fresh.

Also, Bravo to the Cincinnati Ballet and there performance of the Sammy Project this weekend! Wow, it was amazing the music of Sammy Davis Jr. and high energy dance. I was very impressed to see the large crowd for the show on Saturday night. You should make plans to check them out next season it's a true treat!
By The Way: With my busy weekend, I felt bad Mr. Benson was in the apartment most of Saturday, so on Sunday afternoon I drove out to the dog park near Lunken for the first time. It was a great time I really recommend you bring your dogs there to run and play, they have areas for large dogs and small dogs. The only draw back it was a tad muddy after all of last weeks rain, so he needs a bath now. Benson, met new friends Gizmo, Sandy, and Max all had a great time running! He slept all night by the way he was exhausted!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cornhole The Movie

Hi it's Meghan:)

I went to the premiere of Cornhole the Movie on Friday. What a fun film. It was directed by Tim Clarke, a St. X grad and Cincinnati native who now lives in Hollywood.

The movie is a mockumentary about four teams converging on Cincinnati for the national cornhole championship. 90 percent of the cast and crew came are from here and some scenes were filmed in our great city as well. Like at US Bank area and the circle area in Oakley. It's a laugh out loud film based on some quirky characters. Definitely worth seeing and paying homage to the Cincy based sport.
For now your only chance to see it for now was Friday. BUT...producers are working with a distributor to have it released to a wider audience. Check out the website for more.

Eat a Dish for Make A Wish

Sheila here. Like Frank, I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD!
This month is a great excuse for people like us to fill up on our favorites at Maggiano's Little Italy. Maggiano's is holding it's annual Eat A Dish For Make A Wish event through May 27. As a kickoff to the month-long fundraiser, the restaurant at Kenwood Towne Center is hosting local Wish Child Sarah and her family for dinner.
You don't have to lift a finger to help, all you have to do is lift a fork. When guests select items off the special menu, Maggiano's will donate $1 per food item and $.50 per drink to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Items include delicious dishes like Chicken Romano with Angel Hair and Berry Tiramisu.

The Maggiano's "Eat-A-Dish for Make-A-Wish" program has raised more than $700,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the last five years, and all of that money grants wishes for children with life threatening illnesses.

And this morning on the Fox 19 Morning News, you can see Chef Karl Lenz cooking up something special you can make at home.

All that Glimmers

Good Monday morning, Sara Celi here.

We have the luxury of some pretty neat things in Cincinnati, including the Cincinnati Museum Center.

It's one of my favorite places in the city, and the art deco majesty of the building never gets old.

So on Sunday, I decided I'd spend my mother's day at this wonderful place. I found out DECCO catering was offering a special Mother's Day brunch, so I booked four tickets. My husband, mother and stepfather all had an amazing time eating in one of the old dining rooms. It was such a throwback to the 1930's and we were lucky enough to get a table that overlooked part of the exhibits inside the Cincinnati Museum.

After chowing down on more desserts then we needed (I liked the chocolate fudge the best), the four of us headed to an exhibit I'd heard a lot about but not stopped in to see.


It's part of the traveling exhibits, and it's only here a few more days. "Gold" closes on May 12th.

I had some ideas of what this exhibit was like, but my imagination didn't really to it justice. The exhibit is huge, and takes you through several aspects of the history and mining of this precious metal. Viewers have a chance to see gold in it's roughest form, learn about where it's mined, and see it transformed into the beautiful pieces so many of us like to wear. Artifacts from ancient regimes are on display, as well as gold bars and even pieces recovered from shipwrecks.

The exhibit also has several trophies, medals, and awards made of gold and gold plate.

I think my favorite part was seeing all the gold coins and jewelry from so long ago. Even though these pieces are hundreds of years old, they still looked as beautiful and elegant as they did back then.

If you go, ticket prices for "Gold" are $14.75 for adults, $9.25 for members, and $12.75 for seniors.

Friday, May 7, 2010

It's Friday !

Good Morning Everyone Frank Marzullo Here...
What a week, weather wise we experienced a lot of sunshine and temperatures at times in the low 80's and upper 70's. We end the week breezy with sunshine and high of 84 degrees, however late this evening after 7pm I do expect strong thunderstorms, you can track them right here as they develop.
Click Here:

When severe weather does strike it's important to take each threat seriously. While as adults we know what to do when a Tornado Warning is issued, it can be scary and tricky for your children. Last night I ran a piece that helps to break down the anxiety of approaching storms, if you have a Severe Weather Safety plan, your families fears will be reduced.

Finally, I have taken a lot of heat for dropping the first pitch on Tuesday at the Reds game. The funny part is that I actually have caught a ball at Great American Ball Park, during my job interview in May of 2007, I went to a game and actually caught a foul ball. I have no regrets taking the field Tuesday, but last night Tricia Macke suggested that we give it one more try. This time a little easier it was in the middle of our newsroom at the end of the FOX19 Evening News at 6:30pm. This time I caught it, so take that! Have A Great Mothers Day Weekend!

Something for the Moms

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new." ~Rajneesh

Sheila here. I wear a lot of hats, from wife, daughter, friend, to news anchor, taxi driver, and life coach, but none is more humbling, fulfilling, or at times, heartbreaking, than being a mother.

Almost any mother can tell you there's no more demanding or rewarding job. But she may find it hard to describe the intensity of the feelings which go along with being a mommy.

Hearing that first cry from her baby fills her with a happiness she's never known. And every cry after that makes her wish she could take away all pain. Watching her child take those first steps, spell his name or climb onto her school bus for the first time fills her with pride, but also with a little heartbreak that her child is growing up so quickly.
A mother gives up sleep, gives up her time, gives up little pieces of herself, but never, ever minds.

Mothers are women whose lives are forever changed, and who change lives in countless ways. No thanks can ever be enough for my mother, my grandmothers, my aunts, and my friends who are mothers, but I say thank you all the same, and I wish them all a very happy Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

FOX19 Reds Weather Day: Highs and Lows

Good Day Frank Marzullo Here...
What a day for baseball, yesterday afternoon was perfect 83 degrees, sunny skies, and our Reds got the WIN! Plus it was FOX19 Reds Weather Day where over 4,000 area school kids joined us for a weather presentation then they stayed for the afternoon game. We had some great questions for area students. I would like to thank the production crew at Great American Ball Park, for once again making the weather program look great.

Now after weather day the FOX19 Crew continued to be part of the pregame festivities. Not only did our very own Stefano DiPietrantonio sing the National Anthem, but we also took place in the first pitch of yesterdays game. Now I have to say off the top not the most athletic person ever, but I thought I would rather catch then throw the ball. So with 16 thousand fans in the stands and the sun beating down on my balding scalp I got behind home plate and prepared for whatever heat Meteorologist Steve Horstmeyer was going to throw to me. My first thought, was wow it's a lot farther then it seems between home plate and the mound. As Steve released the ball, I thought catch it...catch it...catch it! As it approached I had to jump just a bit I felt it go into my mit, but it quickly exited out of the top. I hear the awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww from the crowd and said to myself, "Frank you have 2 seconds to figure out how to address this, either act serious or do something." So I ran to the ball got it, made some funny facial expressions, I tackled Gapper, and waved to the crowd. I would also like to thank Trina our Web Editor for quickly posting the video and tweeting about my drop!!

I look at it this way I'm not the first and I am not the last to drop the ball, but it was fun and what great day for Weather Day!

Bow Ties for a Cause

I have never worn an actual bow tie. I have worn the ones that clip in place, but never an real bow tie. I always wore bootleg pre-tied bow ties. Until today that is.

Hey guys. Rob here.

I decided to wear a bow tie after 7:30 this morning to raise awareness for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. I actually had to go one line and learn how to tie it by watching a youtube video.

The bow tie was designed by Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones. The signature line of bow ties were designed exclusively for the JDRF Annual Gala this Saturday.

The bow ties will be $57 dollars that's Jones' football number.

To buy a bow tie, attend the gala or to support JDRF call 513.793.3223 or visit

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Skip Work Today!

That's what Mr. Redlegs told me today as I drove to work this morning. Really, he did!

Sheila here.
The Reds' light-up billboard today is promoting Cincinnati's business day special at Great American Ballpark. It's also Fox 19 Weather Day, and somehow Frank arranged for sunshine and a high of 82! Game time is 12:35, and the gates open at 9:00 this morning. Sounds like a great reason to play hookey!

But if you really can't (and notice, I'm at work), you might want to celebrate Mexican Independence Day with a Cinco de Mayo party on Fountain Square downtown.

It's your chance to finally learn how to salsa with festive music from Zumba and salsa dancing lessons. View Spanish-language television on the big screen to connect with neighbors to the south. You can snack on food from Arnold's Bar & Grill, Abuelo's and Mama Made it, and sip some authentic Mexican beer along with margaritas and caprianas! Fountain Square's Cinco de Mayo party is from 5:00 until 10:00 and Bootsy's will host the official after party at 631 Walnut St. Fabuloso!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big Weather Week At FOX19

Frank Marzullo Here...
We are in the heart of SEVERE WEATHER SEASON here in the Tri-State and your Storm Tracker Weather Team is working to keep you informed when it comes to tracking storms. It's our mission here at FOX19 To Keep You Safe, and it's not just a saying that some consultant told us to use, it's a commitment to you. We hope we can provide you with new information you can use in your everyday life. This week we have two very unique ways to inform you both On-Air, Online, and in person.
First: Tonight at 6pm, Steve Horstmeyer kicks off our Severe Weather Series, Keeping You Save. Steve will look at the challenges that local meteorologist face when predicting severe weather and determining if a WARNING is necessary. The National Weather Service is responsible for issuing the WARNINGS but what criteria do they use when making that determination, Steve examines this issue tonight on the FOX19 Evening News at 6pm.

Our series continues Wednesday night at 6pm, when you hear the sirens that means a tornado warning has been issued for your neighborhood, correct? The answer surprisingly is no, in some communities. Our Pat Barry addresses this confusing policy and asks if we should have a standard policy so everyone is on the same page, Wednesday night on the FOX19 Evening News at 6pm.

Then Thursday at 6pm, We all remember what to do during a Tornado Warning, but it's always a good idea to refresh our skills. I'll walk you through step by step and help you come up with a Severe Weather Safety Plan, for your family. If we can reduce the anxiety levels of your children then severe weather may not seem so scary to them. Check out my link on our Weather Web page that will tie in to my story Thursday night. Click Here:

Second: Tomorrow marks our 2nd FOX19 Reds Weather Day at Great American Ballpark. Steve, Pat, and I will present a 45min weather presentation to over 3,000 kids before the Reds take the field against the New York Mets. It's a great chance for school kids to get close to the field and learn about SEVERE WEATHER and then enjoy a afternoon of baseball. At this point it looks wonderful 81 degrees and plenty of sunshine. Look for highlights at 6 and 10pm tomorrow night, I am little nervous because I get to catch the first pitch from Steve, hopefully I will not drop it!