Friday, May 7, 2010

It's Friday !

Good Morning Everyone Frank Marzullo Here...
What a week, weather wise we experienced a lot of sunshine and temperatures at times in the low 80's and upper 70's. We end the week breezy with sunshine and high of 84 degrees, however late this evening after 7pm I do expect strong thunderstorms, you can track them right here as they develop.
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When severe weather does strike it's important to take each threat seriously. While as adults we know what to do when a Tornado Warning is issued, it can be scary and tricky for your children. Last night I ran a piece that helps to break down the anxiety of approaching storms, if you have a Severe Weather Safety plan, your families fears will be reduced.

Finally, I have taken a lot of heat for dropping the first pitch on Tuesday at the Reds game. The funny part is that I actually have caught a ball at Great American Ball Park, during my job interview in May of 2007, I went to a game and actually caught a foul ball. I have no regrets taking the field Tuesday, but last night Tricia Macke suggested that we give it one more try. This time a little easier it was in the middle of our newsroom at the end of the FOX19 Evening News at 6:30pm. This time I caught it, so take that! Have A Great Mothers Day Weekend!

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