Friday, May 14, 2010

A Loveland Gem

It must be hard to open up a restaurant during any market, but especially during an economic downturn. I really admire people who are willing to take that kind of risk.

Hello, Sara Celi here.

I've often heard that running an restaurant really is a labor of love, a effort not to be taken lightly. Last night, I got to see one man's labor of love on display.

My husband Sean and I went to the expansion party for Tano Bistro in Loveland. If you haven't heard of, or tried the place, you must go. The upscale restaurant just opened in January, but it's been a rousing success. As we mingled with the crowd, I kept hearing over and over again how happy people were this type of place had opened up in Loveland's historic downtown.

Tano's owner and head chef is Gaetano Williams, who used to be on staff at McCormick and Schmick's downtown. Last night, he served us a menu of small plates, including calamari, oysters, and nachos. Party goers also got a first look at the new bar and party room, the main parts of his expansion. I especially liked the bar; it was a beautiful dark wood that complimented the the gold leaf paint in the walls. Williams also share with me plans to add outdoor dining to this Loveland hot spot.

Sean and I walked away with our appetites whetted. I bet we'll be back soon, despite the 20 minute drive. The next time, we'll sit down to a full dinner.

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  1. Sara - It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and Sean at the event. I will look forward to see you again in the near future!
    Christina Dickerson