Monday, May 10, 2010

All that Glimmers

Good Monday morning, Sara Celi here.

We have the luxury of some pretty neat things in Cincinnati, including the Cincinnati Museum Center.

It's one of my favorite places in the city, and the art deco majesty of the building never gets old.

So on Sunday, I decided I'd spend my mother's day at this wonderful place. I found out DECCO catering was offering a special Mother's Day brunch, so I booked four tickets. My husband, mother and stepfather all had an amazing time eating in one of the old dining rooms. It was such a throwback to the 1930's and we were lucky enough to get a table that overlooked part of the exhibits inside the Cincinnati Museum.

After chowing down on more desserts then we needed (I liked the chocolate fudge the best), the four of us headed to an exhibit I'd heard a lot about but not stopped in to see.


It's part of the traveling exhibits, and it's only here a few more days. "Gold" closes on May 12th.

I had some ideas of what this exhibit was like, but my imagination didn't really to it justice. The exhibit is huge, and takes you through several aspects of the history and mining of this precious metal. Viewers have a chance to see gold in it's roughest form, learn about where it's mined, and see it transformed into the beautiful pieces so many of us like to wear. Artifacts from ancient regimes are on display, as well as gold bars and even pieces recovered from shipwrecks.

The exhibit also has several trophies, medals, and awards made of gold and gold plate.

I think my favorite part was seeing all the gold coins and jewelry from so long ago. Even though these pieces are hundreds of years old, they still looked as beautiful and elegant as they did back then.

If you go, ticket prices for "Gold" are $14.75 for adults, $9.25 for members, and $12.75 for seniors.

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