Thursday, May 6, 2010

FOX19 Reds Weather Day: Highs and Lows

Good Day Frank Marzullo Here...
What a day for baseball, yesterday afternoon was perfect 83 degrees, sunny skies, and our Reds got the WIN! Plus it was FOX19 Reds Weather Day where over 4,000 area school kids joined us for a weather presentation then they stayed for the afternoon game. We had some great questions for area students. I would like to thank the production crew at Great American Ball Park, for once again making the weather program look great.

Now after weather day the FOX19 Crew continued to be part of the pregame festivities. Not only did our very own Stefano DiPietrantonio sing the National Anthem, but we also took place in the first pitch of yesterdays game. Now I have to say off the top not the most athletic person ever, but I thought I would rather catch then throw the ball. So with 16 thousand fans in the stands and the sun beating down on my balding scalp I got behind home plate and prepared for whatever heat Meteorologist Steve Horstmeyer was going to throw to me. My first thought, was wow it's a lot farther then it seems between home plate and the mound. As Steve released the ball, I thought catch it...catch it...catch it! As it approached I had to jump just a bit I felt it go into my mit, but it quickly exited out of the top. I hear the awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww from the crowd and said to myself, "Frank you have 2 seconds to figure out how to address this, either act serious or do something." So I ran to the ball got it, made some funny facial expressions, I tackled Gapper, and waved to the crowd. I would also like to thank Trina our Web Editor for quickly posting the video and tweeting about my drop!!

I look at it this way I'm not the first and I am not the last to drop the ball, but it was fun and what great day for Weather Day!

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