Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The New Guy In My Life

I have a new guy in my life. He wears great clothes, has a winning smile, and there's always a good conversation when he's around. Darren is my new hairdresser.

Sheila here.
A woman's hairdresser is so important to her, Oprah did a whole show on how hard it is to break that bond! When I came to Cincinnati, one of the first things I did was ask Tricia Macke to recommend her hairdresser. She sent me to Jim, and we had an instant connection. You girls can just imagine how crushed I was when Jim told me a few years ago he was retiring and moving to Florida. Lucky for me, we do makeovers on the Fox 19 Morning News. That helped me find Paul. Paul always made me laugh. Paul's Italian, and one time he even fed me his famous lasagna! Paul left town this spring, so I jumped across the aisle at Salon Urbanity to Darren.

Now I already knew Darren, had seen some women with fabulous looking hair leave his chair on a regular basis, but few things make my blood pressure rise like the stress of trying a new hairdresser. My husband Ric says I'm obsessed with my hair. Rob told Ric one time he'd never seen anyone else painstakingly change the position of a single hair on her head. Maybe it's because I'm on TV, I really don't know. I just know that if my hair doesn't look good, I don't feel good!

So what a sigh of relief it was when Darren finished up and sprayed on the hairspray that first time he did my hair. My hair looked good, so I felt great. Just like any new friend, we are getting to know each other. He's told me about his love of landscaping, we've talked about restaurants, shows, and cars, and gossiped about how Lebron James played against the Celtics the other night. He's just a really nice guy, but he's a really good hairdresser!

Right now Darren and the other stylists at Salon Urbanity are sweeping up hair clippings to help with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Lots of local salons are getting involved through an organization called Matter of Trust. You can find out more about that at, and you can find Salon Urbanity at

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