Friday, June 29, 2012

Do You Believe In Magic ?

Katy Morgan and I do! Happy Friday guys…Stephanie Here...and a very happy Friday to my ladies. I have a great recommendation for you girls to beat the heat this weekend. However…it may get you a bit heated !
I’m talking of course about Magic Mike! Katy and I were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the “film” Wednesday night at Newport on the Levee. The theatre was packed with eager ladies dying for a peak of Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, or my favorite, Joe Manganiello.
Well let me tell you, you get a lot more than just a peak. If you’re a little squeamish when it comes to nudity, I would advise against this movie. If you’re looking for a fun girls night out this weekend and don’t mind seeing a few actors’ assets, than this is for you.
But what was most shocking to me was the plot. There was one! Admittedly, I had pretty low expectations going into this movie, but there was a good deal of character development, suspense, and romance. Hey, it’s not going to win any Oscars, but it will keep you entertained even when the characters aren’t wearing their sparkly costumes (but isn’t that the point J?).
But seriously, this is a decent film about men finding their way and meaning in their young lives. But if you’re more interested in seeing a very masculine rendition of “It’s Raining Men” featuring umbrellas and little else…there’s that too.
Enjoy the weekend!
- Stephanie

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Almost Paradise

I'm no world traveler, but my family got to experience another world with our vacation last week.

Sheila here. We went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Ric and I started talking about an all inclusive vacation or a cruise for our 20th anniversary, but it morphed into a special family vacation. It was a great way to celebrate our marriage milestone along with our daughter Katie's graduation from high school. It's hard for me to think that this might just have been her last vacation with us for awhile, but it's a good possibility since she's heading off to college in August.

Anyway, I highly recommend the all inclusive option. We really had no idea where we want to go when we started planning -- only that we wanted a direct flight out of Cincinnati (and you probably know how hard that is to find there days!) Our travel agent Beth Duppstadt of LoveLand & SeaTravel helped us find a resort which caters to families.

Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe has lot of family activities, including pools with water parks just for kids. We also went snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, and of course got in a lot of relaxing. Everything we could possibly want was right there in one place, from a casino to a small mall, and of course, several restaurants and bars.

The Dominican people were so friendly, the music was fun, and the weather was amazing. It was hot in the Caribbean sun, but the ocean breeze was a constant. The water is so blue and clear, and the sand is soft and white. It truly was almost paradise.

We loved the fact that we didn't have to worry about paying for anything because it was all included in the package we booked. And if you feel like staying in one place is too restrictive, the resort has an office full of travel agents to help with booking cruises, zip-lining, off-roading, and dolphin encounters. We took a half day to go out on a snorkeling cruise, and the kids loved swimming with sharks and stingrays. Katie bought an underwater camera, and it'll be interesting to see how those photos turn out!

If you ever decide on an all-inclusive option for your vacation, I do recommend working with a travel agent. Beth was able to answer a lot of questions for us about everything from the food to the activities and what to do if we had a problem. Here's her website:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello Again!!

Last week Tennent’s Lager made its return to the American bar. More specifically at Nicholson’s right here in Cincinnati. Rob even tapped the first keg. I remember this great beer, but it had been years since I had one. So, after my return to Cincinnati (after seeing Rob’s favorite band, DMB), we went to the pub.

It was delicious. As great as I remember.

Tennent’s Lager is Scotland’s best selling pale lager. First brewed in 1885 and won the highest award at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. It really is a well balanced lager, sweet, but malty flavors with the right combination of tangy hops.

Sipping on this Scottish brew at Nicholson’s I was reminded of one of my favorite bars back home, MacNiven’s Scottish Restaurant & Bar. That’s the last place I had a Tennent’s Lager before it disappeared. Let me tell you, nothing goes better with a cold Scottish brew than a fresh, scratch made Scottish Egg. If you are not familiar it’s a hard-boiled egg wrapped in pork sausage, rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried! YUM. At MacNiven’s they serve it with a house made spicy red pepper aioli. In Indianapolis, MacNiven’s is the only restaurant that makes Scotch Eggs and now that I know Nicholson’s makes them, the taste test is on.

Check out the menus and great selections at these two great Scottish Pubs.


Friday, June 22, 2012

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Happy Friday friends! Have a wedding to go to this weekend? We’re right in the thick of wedding season (and the muggy weather…bring the hairspray and tissues ).

My cousin and best friend, Amy Wallace (now Mrs. Piccirilli! Eek!) married her sweetheart Steve last Friday. Along with my older sister Caroline, I had the incredible honor of serving as my cousin Amy’s maid of honor. I couldn’t be happier for her. Steve is the boy all Italian mothers want their daughters to marry. He will pull out a chair for you when you sit down and kiss you on the cheek when you walk into the room. I’ve only known him to be fun, friendly, and good to my best friend. But it wasn’t easy to meet my expectations. Amy is bubbly, bright, blond (blonder than me if you can believe it), and easily one of the funniest people I have ever known.

So…you’ll understand why I cried like a newborn baby at the wedding. The ceremony was at a beautiful Catholic church in North Wilmington, St. Helena’s. More beautiful was Amy herself, in a gorgeous snow-white lace gown with a cathedral train. As soon as I saw her walk down the aisle, it was soak city. Thank goodness my mother was sitting behind me with tissues. Thanks Mom!

But after I wiped off my mascara and pulled myself together, it was time to party! Amy chose the Mendenhall Inn for her reception, a beautiful old bed and breakfast in the Brandywine Valley of Southern Pennsylvania. Her theme colors were pink lemonade and orange sherbet, and the signature drink was called the “Blushing Bride.” I was hoping all the guests were on their 7th Blushing Bride by the time I stepped up to make my speech. It wasn’t easy to put 27 years of friendship and family onto a page (never mind getting a PG-rating from my Nonna) but as I finished and hugged Amy she said she was about to cry. I think that’s a good review.

As all good weddings are, it was a great party. I spun around the dance floor with my date, my boyfriend Mike, and even squeezed in a slow dance with my Dad. Living far away from my hometown, it was so nice to see all of my friends and family. I just love weddings, from the cake to the conga line. So to all my friends out there: get married, and invite me! Just don’t expect me to keep it together during the “I do.”

- Stephanie

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just 8 Days And Counting












Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tapping the Keg!!

Tennent's original lager will be available in the U.S. for the first time in 3 years, and I'm tapping the keg.
Good morning everyone. Rob Williams here.
Who says good things are happening in Cincinnati.
Tennent's US launch is happening at Nicholson's across from the Aronoff Center.
It makes sense because Tennets is a Scottish beer.
It was first brewed in Glasgow in the late 1800's.  Today Tennent's Lager is Scotland's best selling pale lager.
I'm excited to be a part of the launch party which begins tonight at 6 at Nicholson's downtown.
Great beer and great food.  I'm you haven't been to Nicholson's in a while, stop by.  Chef Mark Bodenstein is doing some great things with the menu.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

I hope everyone had a awesome Father's Day! Of course it seems every year we make a huge deal for mom, a much deserved thank you for our moms, but when it comes to dad I feel like we give him a hamburger or a slab of ribs, we say thanks, and move on. Why is that I wonder? You think about it dad just as much as mom help to shape us and give us values for life. Is it because dad traditionally is a more laid back and is the one that lets you stay up late or takes you out to dinner when mom is out of town? Could you be when you got in trouble or broke something in the house dad would help you fix it and then say don't tell your mom. Whatever it is you have to say thanks dad and do something special for him. We had a great fathers day weekend, my fiance and I were in Cleveland over the weekend with my family and we made dinner for my dad and some family friends on Saturday. My dad loves his yard this is his real passion so dad got a new tree for the backyard this year as we sat and grilled and just kicked back. I love my dad for all the reasons above and because he never really got mad at me when I would try to cut the lawn and get our tractor stuck in the mud or when I pulled out the garage and backed right into my dads car, and he still would not get overly angry. So dad I thank you and here is to many more fathers day, I hope I can be as understanding and loving as you when I have my kids, and not just Mr. Benson.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My “Tiny Dancer”

Good morning, Dan Wells writing!  It’s "recital season" for dance studios across the Tri-state and this is my “Tiny Dancer.”

If you can’t tell by the picture I’m blogging today about my daughter Allison’s dance recital this past weekend.

“Pretty eyed, pirate smile, “yup those lyrics from that famous Elton John song sum it up.  My daughter had me memorized as she took the stage at Notre Dame Academy on Saturday with her MJM Dance Studio troop. 

She smiled, danced her little heart out and did GREAT!!  

What stuck with me as she “tapped” and “pranced” her way across the stage wasn’t the costumes, music or my fear “someone” would get lost in the moment, it was just how fast our kids are growing-up. 

I know, I’m getting sappy but let me indulge for just a moment.

For some background, this year’s recital was a bit different from years past.  It was a brave new world with no instructors on stage guiding our brave little four year olds through the motions. Thankfully, the girls rocked both their tap dance and ballet numbers with confidence, grace and purpose.  

Shelia and Tracey often tell me to soak-in every moment…how right they are. 

Finally, what made the weekend perfect was the fan club that came to watch Allison.

Both sets of proud Grandparents from Pennsylvania were in the audience and even a set of, GREAT grandparents made the six hour trip to the Tri-state!

It was so fun having everyone here.

CONGRATS my “Tiny Dancer.” I hope you enjoyed your shining moment because your Dad will never forget it. 


Why I Love The Reds

“For it’s one..two…three strikes, you’re OUT at the old ballgame!” Good morning, happy Thursday! Katy here… and BOY do we have great weather on tap for today! I’m pretty excited for this afternoon, because I’ll be headed down to Great American Ballpark to see the Reds play! To me, there’s nothing better to do on a weekday afternoon then soak up some sun and watch your favorite team play ball! This morning I got to thinking, why DO I love baseball (and the Reds) so much? I think it started with my childhood, when I lived in the Puget Sound. We cheered for the Mariners, and my favorite player was a rookie. His name was Ken Griffey Jr. To this day, I’m still a big Griffey fan.

Once we moved away from the Seattle area, though, I lost touch with baseball. Our family moved to Washington DC and in the mid 90s, they didn’t have a baseball team (The Nationals wouldn’t arrive until 2005). So I turned to other sports teams within the city, and actually turned into a big hockey fan. It wasn’t until I moved to Cincinnati, with my husband, that my love for baseball came alive again. And I have two reasons for that. One is my husband. Born and raised in NW Ohio, he’s been a Reds fan all his life. So he taught me about all the traditions and history that is Cincinnati baseball. The other, is the Reds. There is something magical about this ball club. And it’s not just the fact that they are leading their division right now. To me, it’s something much deeper. I love the tradition and loyalty this city has with its team. And that’s something that will stay with you, win or lose. Going to Great American Ballpark for me, is like being a kid again. And I haven’t had a baseball team like that to cheer for since I was a kid myself. I may not be born and raised here, but I’m happy to call myself a true fan of the Reds. And it’s something I intend to pass down to my kids in the future!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Farmers Market Season

Summer weather and fresh food, nothing like it! Morning everyone Frank here! With sights of summer and warmer air there is nothing like spending a weekend morning at the local farmers market. Even if you do not buy anything but a cup of coffee it is something to stroll around and meet new friends and take in the comfortable sunny summer mornings before the heat kicks in later in the day. There are many markets that set up shop in church parking lots or towns squares every weekend from Madeira to Newtown to Mt. Adams. However one of my favorites hands down is the Hyde Park Farmers Market. Every Sunday starting at 9:30am the square is shut down and some of the best produce and specialty item vendors in our city set up tents and sale there goods. From fresh waffels and crepes by Taste of Belgium to the many varities if fresh pasta from Ohio City Pasta. The largest line every Sunday is for that amazing bread from Blue Oven Bread, and if you have not purchased any of Blue Oven's english muffins you are missing our they are amazing. I also love the fresh produce that arrives every Sunday and the variety is amazing. It really is a festive atmosphere with live music on the green to Sunday brunch on some of the outdoor patios. The one thing that stands out to me is that everyone has there dogs out with them from big dogs to Mr. Benson size dogs and they all get along really well with very little barking. However, if you are there and do you here some barking from two little dogs it is probably us with Mr. Benson and Mr. Otis....they just get excited.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Restaurant

The Banks is booming!
Hey everyone.  Rob here.
Brad Underwood and I checked out Crave restaurant yesterday.
It is the newest spot to open along our riverfront.
We had a flat bread, some sushi and a Korean inspired taco.
Everything was great.  I will definitely be back.  We saw some happy hour deals between 3 and 6.  You might want to check it out.
Like the Holy Grail, there are garage doors, so it is nice and open.
Perfect, if you're looking to enjoy the outdoors while eating.

The Holy Grail was the first place to open at the banks.  I asked owner Jim Moehring, if competition has hurt business.  He said, "No.  Business couldn't be better!"  How great is that.  The Banks, downtown with the soon to open 21C hotel, and Gateway Quarter.  I think Cincinnati downtown core is doing well.  Definitely doing it better than a lot of other similar sized cities.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Fairfield Field of Dreams

What began as one little girl's dream of playing baseball like other kids is now a dream come true in Fairfield.

Sheila here, and last night I had the great priviledge of emceeing the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields at Hatton Park in Fairfield. Now kids with special needs will get to enjoy one of childhood's greatest pleasures.

Reds legend Joe Nuxhall didn't live long enough to see this field of dreams, surrounded by corn on Groh Lane, but speaker after speaker last night talked about Joe watching down on the ceremonies with pride in his family and the hundreds of people who had a hand in building it. Joe's wish to build this field began with a feature on HBO'S Real Sports about six years ago, and it became his son Kim's mission to get it built.

Kim says the Miracle League Field is the product of countless volunteers and donations of building materials. "My dad would say 'You've got to be kidding me,' said Nuxhall. " I think he just wouldn't believe it how this community and the people have stepped up in this project. Its remarkable."

The Miracle League committee honored Kim and those countless volunteers, along with fallen hero Lance Corporal Taylor Prazcynski. Taylor was one of Kim's students. He did a lot of work with special needs kids, and a relief of his image will hang at the ball park. It was quite a moment when the work of art by sculptor Tom Tsuchiya was presented to his parents John and Carol. Reds Chief Operating Officer Phil Castellini missed the top half of last night's Reds game to be part of the special night and told the crowd all of the volunteers will be treated to a game this season as a small way of thanking them for their work.

And there was hardly a dry eye in the place when Joe's friend Karlee Thomas made her way around the bases for the first time to meet Jessi Hutson at home plate for the ribbon cutting by Joe's wife Donzetta. You can see that video here:

Kim likes to talk about how his dad didn't care about fame or money, that what Joe taught so many is that the really important things in life are character and respect and what you do for other people. Kim carries on that legacy in so many ways, and the Miracle League fields are one example which we can see and touch. My husband Ric and I took our kids to the ceremony, and we left with a message which is so simple, yet so profound - that being nice to others and putting others first will always bring you the best moments in life.

The first game is set for July 28th. I hope to see you there, and if you want to learn more about the Joe Nuxhall Miracle League fields, check out the Facebook page here:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's getting easier to be green!

It's getting easier to be green, especially in Cincinnati.  Good Friday morning Dan Wells writing, I hope this blog finds you well and in good spirits.

It seems everyone these days is concerned about how they can positively impact the future of the environment (or at least I hope they are) and often that starts with the products they buy. Consumers are now increasing attracted to more "green" options, which in turn, is forcing organizations to reevaluate how they design and manufacture their products.

On Tuesday, I did a liveshot from Greener Stock on Columbia Parkway. 

It's a one-of-a-kind Resource and Design Center in Cincinnati specializing in natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly building products for the home and business including wall finishes, flooring, countertops, and water/energy efficiency products.  It's a really cool shop. It inspired this post.

The stats certainly validate this growing "green" trend.

According to a study conducted by independent analyst firm, Verdantix, corporate spending on innovation efforts to push product-level sustainability in 2012 will reach $12 billion in the U.S. and $1.6 billion in the U.K. Another study conducted by Earth 2017 estimates that sustainable products will reach one trillion dollars per year in global annual revenues in 2012, and that number is projected to skyrocket to $10 trillion by 2017.

Most governments globally are doing their part to encourage sustainability through increased legislation and regulations, you read that everywhere.  The bottom line is corporations and companies like "Greener Stock", not governments, however, that are driving the push towards affordable sustainability today.

So what do customers really think about "green" products?

A study conducted by Accenture, a global management consultancy, entitled "The Value of the Sustainable Supply Chain: What Do Consumers Think?" looked at customers' perceptions of companies' sustainability policies and purchases. The study found that customers globally are concerned with companies' environmental and sustainability policies. Nearly two-thirds of the consumers surveyed said their perception of a company is strongly influenced by these policies, with only 10 percent saying such policies has little or no influence.

Interestingly, the consumers' geography greatly affected these attitudes. More than 80% of Chinese and Brazilian consumers say their perceptions are strongly influenced by a company's policies, while only 40% of U.S. and the U.K. felt the same way.

Anyway....Greener Stock is a pretty cool LOCAL company, with great price points.  I just thought if you're in the market to re-think the way you live or want to remodel a home with sustainability in mind check this shop out.

Have a great weekend!

Dan Wells

Just 21 Days....

Tracey Johnson Here....
Until we give one lucky winner a beautiful 400,000 dollar home…. plus 17 other amazing prizes.
Our journey with the ST. JUDE DREAM HOME GIVEAWAY is quickly coming to an end. It’s been an amazing ride. We’ve met and introduced to you some pretty incredible local families that have ties to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.
Their stories of triumph, how a place called ST. JUDE gave their child and family another chance at life. You can watch many of our stories on our website
There are still some tickets available for you to purchase. You can call 1-800-537-1735, you can visit any LCNB NATIONAL BANK BRANCH or just go to our website FOX19.COM. Thank you to all who have given to this cause to find cures for childhood cancers. The strides this hospital has made in 50 years is amazing, developing protocols that have helped push overall survival rates for childhood cancer from less than 20 percent when the hospital opened to 80 percent today. This weekend you can visit the Dream Home. It is opened from 9-5 on Saturday and noon-5 on Sunday. The address is 6813 Gray Wolf Drive in Miami Bluffs in Maineville.
Hope you’re able to enjoy the sunshine.
Many blessings…..

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Five Star Farewell

They are saying farewell to a legend at Cincinnati State's Midwest Culinary Institute.

Hi, it's Sheila.
I have eaten food prepared by World Master Chef John Kinsella many times, but I have never dined the way I did last night.

Ric and I were invited to one of Chef's farewell dinners at MCI. You may not recognize John's name, but it is recognized all over the world. He has trained some of the finest chefs working in the restaurant industry, a great many of them here in Cincinnati. A writer for the website says, "John Kinsella has more letters behind his name than Vanna White. A Certified Master Chef (CMC), Certified Culinary Educator (CCE), and a member of the American Academy of Chefs (AAC)."

John has won numerous awards, including a medal from the Queen of England (and yes, he's cooked for her too!). Chef Kinsella was awarded the Her Majesty Armed Forces Combined Services medal in 2001 for services to the culinary profession. Just this spring, his MCI students traveled to an international competition for culinary schools and brought home gold medals. In 1988, his radio show "Everybody's Cooking" received a James Beard House nomination for the "Best National Radio Show on Food."

Chef has worked all over the world - he's a native of Ireland - but he chose to put down roots in Cincinnati. Back in the 70's, Cincinnati had three five-star French restaurants, including his Gourmet Room in the Terrace Park Hotel. Cincinnati Magazine Food Editor Donna Covrett wrote last fall that Cincinnati was second only to New York in its concentration of fine dining restaurants. At that time, Chef Georges Haidon was the genius behind Cincinnati's famous Maisonette, and last night, Kinsella and the students at MCI prepared an absolutely unbelievable five-course tribute to his friend. It was pretty special to see them together, and to see talented kitchen stars from our city all in the same place. The Oriental Wok's Guy and Susanna Wong-Burgess, former Top Chef contestant and Pastry Chef Megan Ketover and her boss, Chef Todd Kelly of Orchids at the Hilton Netherland were there along with Cincinnati State's President, Dr. O'Dell Owens, and about 70 others.

Look, I'm not a food writer, so there's no way I can put into words how wonderful the food looked and tasted, but we started with Pate Foie Gras, moved on to the best Lobster Bisque I've ever tasted, and dined on sole stuffed with shrimp and crayfish, tenderloin of beer, pheasant breast, and more. The sauces were sinful - just so delicious! The evening ended with Maisonette desserts and lots of tributes from John to his students, his talented friends, and his wife Jean. The two of them are planning a trip to their native Ireland to celebrate his retirement. I asked Chef Todd Kelly for his thoughts. He said he loved the progression of the foods, and was reminded "the classics never go away."

The night was a gift, just like his many years here in Cincinnati. Think of the influence he has had on dining - and on people - here. John likes to tell the story about the former student who came back years later and told him how much he hated Chef Kinsella when he was in school there, but realized later how well he was trained. But Megan Ketover tells a different story - of a kind, caring mentor who gave her the confidence she needed to keep striving for her dream to be a pastry chef. I've never seen Kinsella in the kitchen, but Rob and I have welcomed him to our studios many times over the years. I love the way he tells stories, and I love his love for cooking. He is warm and fatherly and always ready with a big bear hug, and I stole a couple more last night before I sneaked away for my early bedtime.

Thank you, John, for sharing your passion with us!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Action Movie Excitement

Here’s a great way to beat the heat, head inside the super cold movie theater for a summer blockbuster.
Brad here, and I can’t help but be stoked for all the movies I need to see this summer.

First off, I’m slacking! I have not seen Avengers yet, but I will see it this week. It killed the first two weeks at the box office and everyone says great things, so I’m sure it will excellent.

The big action movie I am really looking forward to is G.I. JOE 2: Retaliation. This movie will be AWESOME. For me, the G.I. JOE movies beat out all the Marvel and DC movies. Hang on, hang on, don’t boo me just yet. As a kid I never read comic books, I had G.I. JOES. All my birthday parties had G.J. JOE themes and I had every action figure, boat, plane, car, motorcycle, base, fort, headquarters….you name it I had it, thanks to my mom. I think my mom had just as much fun as I did. She saved all the bio cards on the back of the package and kept them. They had character history, skills and general info about each JOE. Super cool, but I digress. On to the movie.

In the second G.I. JOE film, the JOES are not only fighting their mortal enemy Cobra, they are forced to fight the government of the United States that was taken over by the Zartan and the Cobra Commander at the end of the first movie. Zartan is disguised as the President of the United States and attacks the JOE’S. While he thinks he exterminates the elite fighting force, he’s wrong! A small outnumbered group of JOE’S must retaliate and take back the country. The film features new comer Dwayne Johnson who plays Roadblock(classic G.I. JOE) and Bruce Willis who plays the original and retired G.I. JOE, General Joe Colton. While some fans may not like that most of the cast did not return, some did, plus director Jon Chu is back.

Like a G.I. JOE geek and mama’s boy, I saw the first one with her and we plan to see the second one too. It's not out 'til next March, but I'm already excited!


Monday, June 4, 2012

How About Brunch !

Good Morning Marzullo Here...So if you know me I like to eat, in fact I plan my meals out if it is 8am and I do not know what I will be having for dinner then something is wrong with me. Over the last several years one meal I have become more and more fond of is brunch. The textbook definition of brunch is a meal eaten in the middle of the morning, usually it is somewhere between breakfast and lunch, and is usually a substitute for both of these meals. I like it because you can get away with eating a combination of something salty and sweet. I checked out a new option yesterday in the East Hyde Park. I have been here for lunch and dinner but it was my first time at Cumin for brunch and it was awesome. Some of the favorites my group got were the Funnaffles and the Stone Bowl. So the Funnaffle is a fried waffle with a maple fried egg, ham, and apples on top with a maple and brown butter cream sauce. The Stone Bowl is similar to one of those hot plates that sizzle when you order fajitas some where. Inside you will find sizzling eggs, peppers, bacon, potatoes, leek, and cheddar cheese. You had the bellini bar and you have a pretty relaxing brunch. A couple more of my favorite brunch spots in Cincinnati are Ottos in Covington, I love there eggs Benedict. I also like the hasbrown casserole at Bronte Bistro at Joseph Beth and some of the best pancakes in town can be found at Annabelles in Mount Lookout. They are made with corn and have a brown sugar honey butter on them. So this weekend skip breakfast and put off lunch and try some brunch.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Codicology? Can You Use That In A Sentence ?

Happy Friday friends! Catch any good TV last night? Maybe the Spurs-Thunder Game 3? Perhaps the season finale of Touch?
Well I for one was watching ESPN. The National Spelling Bee, that is.
Now before you tell me that epistemology isn’t exactly a contact sport, the spelling bee has a special place in my heart. My beautiful and brainy sister competed in the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. when she was in 7th and 8th grade. Not only did she make the finals of the national spelling bee her second year, but won the Delaware state bee two years in a row.
Now, of course I appreciated my sister’s spelling savvy on its own, but I also appreciated the perks of being a Wunderkid’s younger sister. I got two free trips to the Grand Hyatt in downtown D.C.. While my sister was studying, I was hitting the buffet.
What can I say? She got the spelling genes, I got the party genes. See picture below.
I couldn’t have been prouder of my precocious 13-year-old big sister, and still am. She made it to the second round her first year, only getting tripped up by juxtapose. Her second year she mastered all three rounds of the first day, and advanced to the finals! One of the words she got right was altocumulus. Hey Frank, can you spell that? J
Unfortunately Caroline misspelled codicology in the finals. Codicology is the study of books as physical objects, particularly manuscripts written in codex form. Ironically, my sister is a graduate of the Creative Writing masters program at Boston University. When she’s a famous author (and she will be), I’ll get you her autograph J
I don’t know many adults who can spell codicology, let alone a middle schooler! I have so much respect for Caroline, as well as all the kids who compete. Hats off to 14-year-old Snigdha Nandipati who won the bee last night! She correctly spelled guet-apens, a french word that means “honey trap.” Ironic, indeed.
Well I for one am H-A-P-P-Y that it’s Friday! Enjoy your weekend!
- Stephanie