Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why I Love The Reds

“For it’s one..two…three strikes, you’re OUT at the old ballgame!” Good morning, happy Thursday! Katy here… and BOY do we have great weather on tap for today! I’m pretty excited for this afternoon, because I’ll be headed down to Great American Ballpark to see the Reds play! To me, there’s nothing better to do on a weekday afternoon then soak up some sun and watch your favorite team play ball! This morning I got to thinking, why DO I love baseball (and the Reds) so much? I think it started with my childhood, when I lived in the Puget Sound. We cheered for the Mariners, and my favorite player was a rookie. His name was Ken Griffey Jr. To this day, I’m still a big Griffey fan.

Once we moved away from the Seattle area, though, I lost touch with baseball. Our family moved to Washington DC and in the mid 90s, they didn’t have a baseball team (The Nationals wouldn’t arrive until 2005). So I turned to other sports teams within the city, and actually turned into a big hockey fan. It wasn’t until I moved to Cincinnati, with my husband, that my love for baseball came alive again. And I have two reasons for that. One is my husband. Born and raised in NW Ohio, he’s been a Reds fan all his life. So he taught me about all the traditions and history that is Cincinnati baseball. The other, is the Reds. There is something magical about this ball club. And it’s not just the fact that they are leading their division right now. To me, it’s something much deeper. I love the tradition and loyalty this city has with its team. And that’s something that will stay with you, win or lose. Going to Great American Ballpark for me, is like being a kid again. And I haven’t had a baseball team like that to cheer for since I was a kid myself. I may not be born and raised here, but I’m happy to call myself a true fan of the Reds. And it’s something I intend to pass down to my kids in the future!

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