Friday, June 22, 2012

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Happy Friday friends! Have a wedding to go to this weekend? We’re right in the thick of wedding season (and the muggy weather…bring the hairspray and tissues ).

My cousin and best friend, Amy Wallace (now Mrs. Piccirilli! Eek!) married her sweetheart Steve last Friday. Along with my older sister Caroline, I had the incredible honor of serving as my cousin Amy’s maid of honor. I couldn’t be happier for her. Steve is the boy all Italian mothers want their daughters to marry. He will pull out a chair for you when you sit down and kiss you on the cheek when you walk into the room. I’ve only known him to be fun, friendly, and good to my best friend. But it wasn’t easy to meet my expectations. Amy is bubbly, bright, blond (blonder than me if you can believe it), and easily one of the funniest people I have ever known.

So…you’ll understand why I cried like a newborn baby at the wedding. The ceremony was at a beautiful Catholic church in North Wilmington, St. Helena’s. More beautiful was Amy herself, in a gorgeous snow-white lace gown with a cathedral train. As soon as I saw her walk down the aisle, it was soak city. Thank goodness my mother was sitting behind me with tissues. Thanks Mom!

But after I wiped off my mascara and pulled myself together, it was time to party! Amy chose the Mendenhall Inn for her reception, a beautiful old bed and breakfast in the Brandywine Valley of Southern Pennsylvania. Her theme colors were pink lemonade and orange sherbet, and the signature drink was called the “Blushing Bride.” I was hoping all the guests were on their 7th Blushing Bride by the time I stepped up to make my speech. It wasn’t easy to put 27 years of friendship and family onto a page (never mind getting a PG-rating from my Nonna) but as I finished and hugged Amy she said she was about to cry. I think that’s a good review.

As all good weddings are, it was a great party. I spun around the dance floor with my date, my boyfriend Mike, and even squeezed in a slow dance with my Dad. Living far away from my hometown, it was so nice to see all of my friends and family. I just love weddings, from the cake to the conga line. So to all my friends out there: get married, and invite me! Just don’t expect me to keep it together during the “I do.”

- Stephanie

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