Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

I hope everyone had a awesome Father's Day! Of course it seems every year we make a huge deal for mom, a much deserved thank you for our moms, but when it comes to dad I feel like we give him a hamburger or a slab of ribs, we say thanks, and move on. Why is that I wonder? You think about it dad just as much as mom help to shape us and give us values for life. Is it because dad traditionally is a more laid back and is the one that lets you stay up late or takes you out to dinner when mom is out of town? Could you be when you got in trouble or broke something in the house dad would help you fix it and then say don't tell your mom. Whatever it is you have to say thanks dad and do something special for him. We had a great fathers day weekend, my fiance and I were in Cleveland over the weekend with my family and we made dinner for my dad and some family friends on Saturday. My dad loves his yard this is his real passion so dad got a new tree for the backyard this year as we sat and grilled and just kicked back. I love my dad for all the reasons above and because he never really got mad at me when I would try to cut the lawn and get our tractor stuck in the mud or when I pulled out the garage and backed right into my dads car, and he still would not get overly angry. So dad I thank you and here is to many more fathers day, I hope I can be as understanding and loving as you when I have my kids, and not just Mr. Benson.

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