Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Farmers Market Season

Summer weather and fresh food, nothing like it! Morning everyone Frank here! With sights of summer and warmer air there is nothing like spending a weekend morning at the local farmers market. Even if you do not buy anything but a cup of coffee it is something to stroll around and meet new friends and take in the comfortable sunny summer mornings before the heat kicks in later in the day. There are many markets that set up shop in church parking lots or towns squares every weekend from Madeira to Newtown to Mt. Adams. However one of my favorites hands down is the Hyde Park Farmers Market. Every Sunday starting at 9:30am the square is shut down and some of the best produce and specialty item vendors in our city set up tents and sale there goods. From fresh waffels and crepes by Taste of Belgium to the many varities if fresh pasta from Ohio City Pasta. The largest line every Sunday is for that amazing bread from Blue Oven Bread, and if you have not purchased any of Blue Oven's english muffins you are missing our they are amazing. I also love the fresh produce that arrives every Sunday and the variety is amazing. It really is a festive atmosphere with live music on the green to Sunday brunch on some of the outdoor patios. The one thing that stands out to me is that everyone has there dogs out with them from big dogs to Mr. Benson size dogs and they all get along really well with very little barking. However, if you are there and do you here some barking from two little dogs it is probably us with Mr. Benson and Mr. Otis....they just get excited.

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