Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's there to be afraid of?

Boo! Did I scare you? Hi it’s Meghan:)

Fall vegetables are ripe, the air's getting cooler... and 'tis the season for ghosts and goblins! I love fall and I really love Halloween. Just ask my sister, who came home on September 15 to find that I had already decorated our dining room with fake cobwebs and spiders! I also love haunted houses, and my favorite place to get scared is Halloween Haunt at Kings Island.

Some friends and I went last Friday and we all had a blast. We didn’t make it through all 14 haunted attractions, but we did venture through about half. Of course we checked out the newest one, Wolf Pack. It’s a werewolf-themed maze that will make you think twice before taking that next hike in the woods when there's a full moon (which there actually was that night). The actor working the front door even had this amazing ability to produce a growl just like a werewolf. Wolf Pack is near Flight Deck back in the Action Zone.

Outside the entrance to Club Blood a sexy vampiress greeted us by saying, “don’t touch my girls and they won’t touch you.” That should have given us an idea of what type of “club” we were about to enter. The guys all seemed like they'd be willing to risk a bite on the neck for a chance to meet one of the Club Blood dancers. :) My favorite though was Trail of Terror. As you might guess, this one is through the woods, where I did more running than walking. I discovered there’s something terrifying about a guy dressed in a long black trench coat and hat, dragging a stick. The sound and sight of that really gave me the chills.

Kings Island goes overboard to turn the park into a fright fest. Coffins, cobwebs, monsters and skeletons are everywhere! Plus most of the rides are open and – here’s the best part – the lines were short. Everyone wants to go into the haunted attractions so we were able to walk right on to rides like Diamondback and Delirium. There's nothing quite like riding The Beast in the dark with flashing lights and smoke in your face.

For thrills and chills this Halloween season, Kings Island is the spot. It’s open 7pm to close on Fridays and Saturdays in October. If you aren't afraid of a few nightmares, you should check it out… I dare you!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I almost can't believe it!!! We've been waiting for 15 years, but the drought is over!

Sheila here.
Our Cincinnati Reds clinched the National League Central last night in front of the home crowd at Great American Ballpark.
The fans couldn't have asked for a more dramatic, incredible ending, as Jay Bruce hit a walk-off homerun in the bottom of the ninth inning to break a 2-2 tie and beat the Houston Astros. Bruce knew as soon as he hit it, and his teammates jumped out of the dugout and clobbered him at home plate.
Then the celebration was on. From Great American Ballpark to Fountain Square, fans dressed in red hit the streets to show the world our Reds are back in the playoffs. After interviews at GABP, the team headed to Mynt Martini on the square to mingle with fans and throw back some cold ones. Bruce calls it a dream come true. Manager Dusty Baker said he's had a feeling about this team ever since spring training.

We don't know who the Reds will play in the National League Championship series. Some don't give them much of a chance of beating the Phillies if that's who they face. Me? I say we erect a huge sign that says "Believe" on the Cincinnati skyline. Ron Oester said this week that the Reds weren't widely predicted to win the World Series in 1990,
but then we swept the Oakland A's.
Like every other Reds fan, I've been waiting a long time to see them do it again. And I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Proud to be a Reds fan, a Cincinnatian, and a believer!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sophie's Angel Run

Had the honor of kicking off the run over the weekend.
Hi everyone. Rob here.

4 years ago I was asked by Fox19's mom at the movies to kick off the run, and have done so every year since.

It is to honor Sophie Grace Meinhardt who passed away on August 2006 after doctors discovered an aggressive brain tumor. Sophie's dad said, he wanted his family to be better not bitter. So the family along with friends and fellow parishioners at St. Jude Church organized Sophie's Angel Run. Amazingly, it was organized just months after Sophie Passed away. There were hundreds of runners and walkers. This year, nearly 2,500 runners and walkers took part which is a record number. Sophie's mother said, when everybody wears her short her story is told again. It also raises awareness for pediatric brain tumor research.

The run has raised more than $150,000 for Children's Hospital.

Find out more about Sophie and her run. Also, about the incredible Meinhardt family who taught us all how to be better and not bitter.

On Sophie's headstone the family had the following words inscribed: "If we could sit across the porch from God we would thank him for lending us to you."

We will forever be grateful that God chose us for Sophie's Family - Mark & Missy Meinhardt (Sophie's Loving Parents)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bearcats and Tractors

Finally FALL! Good Morning Frank Here...After temperatures in the 90's last week, our weather matched the calendar with crisp mornings and sunny and mild afternoons. On Saturday, after a late breakfast Mr. Benson and I took a nice long walk from Covington over the newly painted Roebling Suspension Bridge. The city skyline looked fantastic and I noticed a huge Bearcat that was inflated on top of the old National City Bank building, it soared above our city which seemed to be invaded Saturday morning by OU fans in town for the game. While they were the rivals it was great to see so many new faces and tourists enjoying everything our city has to offer. Later that afternoon I met up with anchor and reporter Dan Wells and his family at the Goetz Family Farm in Cold Spring. It was the annual tractor show where restored John Dear Tractors from years gone by were on display. Dan, took his daughters Kate and Alie on a hayride, in fact over 400 people showed up on the sunny afternoon. Just the beginning of the fall season. Stay with us and the FOX19 Morning News and The FOX19 News Morning Xtra at 9am for fall festivals and fun ideas for your and your family.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Adopt - A - Highway

Hat's off to Kentucky.
It's Dan Wells writing. It's my first blog, so be kind. First of all, I hope this note finds you guys well and in good spirits!
Where to begin, well, to me littering is unacceptable behavior.
So, I'm driving home from work on I-71/75...I live in Northern Kentucky and what do I find....a trash FREE freeway! I mean it's REALLY clean, no matter where you look!

Here's what I found out, The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet began the Adopt-A-Highway Program in 1988 to raise environmental awareness and discourage littering. Today, more than 1,600 groups participate in Kentucky's program, cleaning approximately 6,600 miles annually, AND YOU CAN TELL.

Each year, the Transportation Cabinet's highway workers spend approximately 200,000 hours removing litter from Kentucky's roadways, collecting over 96,000 bags of litter. The total yearly cost of litter removal averages $4-5 million.

So hats off to all of you in Kentucky.

Needless to say I thought it was great and it actually made me really proud to call the "Bluegrass" home.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beer Buffs Discover Cincy's Brewing History

I went underground this past weekend. Hi it’s Meghan. :) Zinzinnati’s rich German heritage wasn’t just celebrated at Oktoberfest on 5th St., but in Over the Rhine as well. I went on a walking tour of the old breweries and WOW was it cool!

If you are on Vine Street today you might not give these industrial looking buildings a second thought or glance. But knowing and imagining what once was there is amazing.

One of the stops was the old Crown Brewery (also known as the Schmidt Brothers Brewery).  It was kind of strange to walk into the basement of the building with all the modern day clutter and then travel down handmade steps deeper into a sub-basement that was once used to store barrels of beer. To get around a Civil War tax the brewers had to have the malt house and lager house in two separate buildings. They got around this by building tunnels to connect the two. The picture is of me and my sister walking through one of those tunnels (we teased her that this was her good side - haha).

We also went into the just opened tunnel that connected parts of the old Kauffman Brewery. The 1856 building now operates as the Guild Haus, and the above-ground industrial space has been converted into artist studios and apartment lofts. Recently, the owner discovered the original blueprints and saw that there were 4 not 3 levels as first thought. So he broke through the concrete floor only to find that 40 feet down is a enormous lagering cellar.  It’s 200,000 square feet! 

This building will be the new home of the Christian Moerlein Brewing Company. In April, owner Greg Hardman says beer will once again be brewed in OTR. It had become the old Husman Potato Chip Factory so not a lot of structurally work is needed. But as Greg told me, they have to buy, install and hook up $4 to $5 million worth of beer brewing equipment.

This is a huge deal for the Queen City because in 1870 there were 36 breweries in OTR and we were known for being the biggest and one of the best beer brewing cities in the country. Darn that Prohibition!!!

You can support this effort by clicking here to find out when more tours will happen or just buy Moerlein or another local beer. You can drink knowing you are taking a sip of Zinzinnati's past while supporting Cincinnati's future.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Win A Makeover, Help Animal Groups

Need a makeover? Here's your chance! A new "do," some fresh makeup, and of course, new clothes can make any girl feel better, and Donna Salyers wants you to win it all.

Sheila here.
Donna is the creative mind behind Fabulous-Furs in Covington. She started the faux fur fashions because of her love for animals, and now she dresses high fashion models and Hollywood stars. Her furs have appeared in movies, soap operas, and even on the iconic TV show Sex and the City.

For the last 11 years, Donna has hosted a Saturday Salon, benefitting animal welfare groups. It includes a champagne lunch, a speaker, and a gift bag, which exceeds admission price in value. It's all capped off by a New York runway-style fashion show.

This year's Saturday Salon is coming up on October 9, and it's also a chance for someone to become Cinderella for a day. The Fabulous Makeover is a new addition, and nominations are being accepted right now. The winner will get $1,000 worth of fashions from Fabulous-Furs, a $300, four-week adventure boot camp hosted by local personal trainer Brian Calkins, along with a haircut and color from Eros Salon.

You can nominate someone for the makeover by emailing, but you'd better hurry! The deadline is September 24. You can find out how to get to the salon and enjoy food, fashions, and fun by logging onto or calling 859-982-0035.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Anchor Bonding

Good Tuesday morning. Rob here.

Frank and I had the good fortune to check out Poco a Poco last night.

The restaurant is debuting its new fall menu this weekend, but they gave us a sneak peek. That's Frank with Sandy (in the middle). She and her husband Mark own the restaurant. They also own Riverside Korean which is one of my favorite restaurants anywhere.

Poco a Poco hasn't been open very long. It opened as a tapas style restaurant on Hyde Park Square earlier this summer. This fall the menu is going to be inspired by seasonal ingredients and you will warmed with larger portions.

The restaurant is known for its exciting colorful drinks. Last night was no different. We started the night with a champagne sangria. Perfect way to start the night.

First up: Salad. We had cured salmon with bitter greens and a citrus dressing. It also had Jicama. Frank had no idea what that was but liked it.

Take a look at the chicken on the menu. Tasty and perfect for fall. The broth was delicious and the roasted chicken sat in a delicious broth and topped with greens.

We also tried the pork tenderloin. Also delicious. It is on the left of the picture.

That dish on the right is fantastic. It is a more refined version of deep fried cheese sticks. Instead of deep fried, the cheese is pan seared. A big hit with the diners last night.
Poco a Poco mixing things up for the fall with a new menu. Check it out. Give them a call. Or visit their website.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Coming Up On The 1st Xtra

The first ever FOX19 News Morning Xtra debuts at 9am, and we have a great show on tap for you. As mentioned earlier this will not be your traditional news program of course, we will have some of the days top stories and your latest Storm Tracker Forecast. However, we will have much more time to go in depth on issues that affect you and your family. Today, we will teach you how to eat healthy on just $5 a day, yes it is possible. In our Healthwise segment a local doctor will talk about how to keep your kids injury free this sports season. Plus having a hard time making dinner with your busy lifestyle, we will have recipes that you can recycle through out the week, make a chicken on Sunday and you can use that left over chicken for other meals. So join us for those stories and more, as Tracey Johnson and I host your FOX19 News Morning Xtra starting at 9am ... you can also e-mail us at

Friday, September 17, 2010

Xtra Is Almost Here

It's almost like planning a wedding, and the big day is just about here. Frank here, and I am so excited to tell you about the brand new FOX19 News Morning Xtra, set to debut on Monday at 9am. This will be a hour long program that will focus on family and your community. We will also have the latest news headlines and your Storm Tracker forecast which you have come to expect from FOX19, but the best part is that it is going to be a more relaxed format where we can go in depth on issues from helping your kids get better grades to fast and easy recipes that the whole family will love. Tracey Johnson a Princeton High School graduate has come home to Cincinnati and will join me on the Morning X. Tracey a mother of 4 knows all about the challenges of being both a working and stay at home mom, her insight is going to be awesome, plus she has been given instructions to keep "old" Frank here in check. All tongue and cheek of course, but I have been known to get off base and off topic from time to time. After weeks of rehearsals and guest booking we are all set and we hope you join us starting Monday at 9am following Rob and Sheila and the FOX19 Morning news.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Go Blue Jays!

Hi it's Meghan. :) Most people know me from the FOX19 morning show.  Unlike most people, the 7th grade girls volleyball team at St. Joe of Cold Spring in Northern Kentucky just knows me as "Coach." We had our best win of the season earlier this week and I wanted to brag about these girls.

In was a hotly contested match against St. Paul's and my girls showed a lot of character and spirit. We play three games, the first two to 21 and the third to 15, win by 2. We lost the first game but the girls didn't get down on themselves. We came out strong and won the 2nd game behind some great serving and defense. The deciding 3rd game loomed.

In the 3rd we came out strong again and scored the first 9 points off the arm of our first server Alexa.  It was really an amazing run and the match looked in hand.  But St. Paul fought back and one of their girls rattled off some ace serves as well. Finally we got the ball back and we were up 14 to 13 with Amanda back to serve. If she missed the game would be tied, but if we win the point the match is over. My girls put their nerves aside and focused on the pivotal point. St. Paul wasn't going to go down easily though!  I fierce rally ended in our favor and we won that point and the match!

Not every match has gone as well though -- right now we are right around .500 for the season. But sometimes it's the lessons a player takes away from a loss that makes them stronger. With each game I see more intensity, more hustle and more will to win. We still a lot of games left, and I know they'll continue to grow as volleyball players and as young women. So great job Alexa, Amanda, Cassie, Emma, Hollie, Jess, Katie, Katie P. and Madison. I've very proud of how far we've come and am excited about progressing even more in the weeks ahead. Go Blue Jays!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Star Quality

Now I know what star quality is. Kathleen Turner was here in our studios yesterday.

Hi, it's Sheila. When a star walks into a room, heads turn. Kathleen Turner oozes it simply by standing in a doorway. Something about seeing her there in her large, black sunglasses, with her flowing blonde hair made me jump a little inside. Then you hear the voice. People in the entertainment business talk all the time about the "it" factor, and she has it.

Cincinnati theater goers have a rare opportunity to see one of America's most acclaimed actresses this month in the Playhouse in the Park production of High.

Kathleen Turner has been a favorite of mine since I saw her in Body Heat (1981) with William Hurt. She's a Golden Globe winner and Tony and Academy Award nominee. Turner's credits include big movies like Romancing the Stone and Prizzi's Honor, but lately she's been walking the boards in some major theater roles. She's one of only three actresses to take on Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe on Broadway, one of the stage's most demanding roles for women. The New York Times said her turn as Martha "secured her berth as first-rate, depth-probing stage actress."

In Heat, Turner plays Sister Jamison Connelly, also a demanding role. She never leaves the stage. Sister Jamie is a nun who is forced to take on the case of a meth addict who's not interested in giving up drugs. The play deals with some heavy subject matter, but it's beautifully written, and moments of humor relieve the tension.

For me, watching Turner on stage felt like an honor. I am always impressed by actors' ability to become someone else, and I even forgot for awhile that I was watching Kathleen Turner and not Sister Jamie. I wondered how much a role like that one carries into real life. She told me some nights at the end of the performance she says to her, "Oh God, that hurt."

High may not be for everyone, but it's one of the finest pieces of theatre I've seen (and I see a lot). It's not often we see an actress of Kathleen Turner's caliber right here in our hometown, so I hope the seats will be filled through the rest of her run here.

Off camera, Turner told me she loved the Cincinnati WEBN fireworks. She watched from a private home in Covington, and her favorite part was the waterfall. She launched into all kinds of facts about the Rozzi's. She says she loves to learn. We also talked about botox and plastic surgery. Turner says she doesn't think she'd try botox because she once acted with someone whose forehead wouldn't move, and while she's not up for plastic surgery at this time in her life, she's not ruling it out. And when someone in our newsroom said he loved her in the Showtime series, Californication, she told me the role embarrassed her 22 year old daughter. Her response, "Grow up!" Turner's a really funny woman, and when I interviewed her, she told me she is always on the lookout for laughs.

Be sure to watch my interview with Kathleen Turner on today's Fox 19 Morning News at 8:45, and you can find ticket information for High at

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Miss Michigan USA

Back from a weekend trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Good Tuesday morning. It's Rob.

Sheila and I have been hosting the Miss Michigan USA pageant for about 10 years now. This year it was held in Ann Arbor the home of University of Michigan. Ann Arbor is a beautiful college town. There are plenty of restaurant and watering holes. However, Sheila was kind of freaked out. As a big OSU fan, it was hard for her to see "Go Blue!" everywhere. Cool town though.

The only place I wanted to hit was Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger. I saw it featured on Food Network's Diners Drive-in and Dives. It is simply one of the best burger joints in the country.

A tip: know how to order correctly. Not doing so will get you into trouble, like the "Soup Nazi" on Seinfeld.

As for the pageant, Channing Pierce was crowned the new Miss Michigan USA. She replaces Rima Fakih who went on to become Miss USA.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Did I Get A Traffic Ticket ?

Good Morning Everyone, Marzullo Here, How Was Your Weekend? I started mine out by having dinner at my favorite restaurant, Honey on the Northside. Every time I go I order something different and every time the combination of flavors and the preparation of food is by far one of the freshest and best restaurants in the city. With that said I slept well Friday night and started my Saturday with a stop for a bagel and coffee over in the Columbia / Tusculum. It was pretty un-eventful until I left and headed back to my car, I noticed what appeared to be a ticket on the wind shield. At first I was stumped and aggravated, ( probably saying a few choice words to myself ) because I was in a public free parking space so had no idea why I got this ticket. The thing that stood out most is that it was a pink piece of card board stock paper. It had the official Cincinnati Police logo on it so I knew it was something. I was happy to see the words said " This is not a ticket ", so right then I did feel better. What it was, was a report card for my car and the word FAILED was circled. The details stated that I had property in plain view site of on-lookers or people who maybe scouting for a quick break in. Our law enforcement officers were just warning me and others in the parking lot that we must be thoughtful when we leave our cars, not to keep windows open and not to keep property in plain view of others. So I thank you Cincinnati Police Officers, I am now going to be more aware when I leave my car, but really if somebody stole my ipod they would be disappointed with the Barry Manilow music on it, I'm just kidding, it's Neil Diamond!

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Day I Bought a Piece of History

Many who know me well know that one of the signature things about me is my love of fashion—especially vintage and designer fashion (at least what I can afford).

For the final Friday morning, it’s Sara Celi.

This week I had something pretty amazing happen to me, and it started exactly one week ago.

I bought tickets for myself and my mom to attend a special fashion show of Patricia A. Corbett’s wardrobe at the Weston Art Gallery last Friday. I’d heard the buzz about the show, but didn’t know what I would see at this one night only event honoring the grand dame of Cincinnati philanthropy and arts. Growing up, I only knew Corbett from what I saw on the news---a wonderful, loving woman who gave so much to the region and ensured that our cultural future would be rich for decades to come. I knew enough about her to respect and admire what she had done, but I never thought of her as a young, stylish woman.

Boy was I wrong.

The fashion show gave me a glimpse of Corbett at the height of her life. Dozens of her vintage clothes came out once again for a celebration of her. She had one killer wardrobe, having lived a life where she needed more cocktail dresses and evening gowns in one month then I need in two years. The show took us through several decades of her life, showing attendees all the couture and sought after designers that had their pieces worn by Corbett.

What my mom and I did not know until the end was that everything in the show was for sale—and nothing on the line cost over $300. We found out that the owner of Nvision, a vintage store on Harrison Ave., was taking appointments for interested buyers and decided to put our name on the list for a Sunday afternoon time.

At the store on Sunday, I tried on and examined several pieces. Getting a close up glance gave me an opportunity to see that some of the dresses were in extremely fragile states (well, they were 50 years old in some cases) and that some had rips, tears and other wear. Others simply did not fit—too big, too small. Like most women, Corbett’s size varied through her lifetime.
One piece stood out above the rest—a black and gold brocade Pauline Trijere. It had no rips, no signs of wear, no stains, despite being more than 50 years old. On top of that Trijere’s pieces have a bit of cache in the fashion world these days and are highly sought after. When I tried it on, it fit me just the same as if it had been designed for me.

I had to have it.

So did several other women.

I heard from the folks at Nvision that this dress had a line of committed buyers, women who were coming after me to try on this amazing dress. I told them to put my name on a list; I gave them my business card and told them to call me if the dress became available.

I left the store and didn’t think of it.

Then on Wednesday afternoon, I got a phone call. The dress was available! It hadn’t worked after all for the other committed buyers, and if I still wanted it, it was mine!

I got in my Honda and immediately drove over. Twenty minutes later, I drove back down I-75 with this wonderful garment sitting in my front seat.

It was the day I bought a piece of history.

Don’t be surprised when you see me out on the town wearing this great dress to some party or event soon. It deserves to have a second life, and I am proud to be the one to give it. And I think, hopefully, that somewhere in heaven Patricia A. Corbett is smiling.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ultimate Long Lasting Manicure

Polish that drys in seconds, doesn't chip, and stays on for two weeks sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well here's a beauty secret -- it isn't! Hi it's Meghan. :)

The ultimate long lasting manicure is here. It's called a gel manicure. A number of salons are offering the service in Cincinnati. I got mine done at Mitchell's Salon and Day Spa. Nail technicians there use a brand called Shallac by The Creative Company.

This service is for clients with natural nails. First the nails are shaped, then the polish is applied, and then it gets different than a regular manicure. The base coat, main coat and top coat have to be cured. That means you stick your finger tips in a UV lightbox for 120 seconds. When it's done, it's done. The polish is completely dry. You can put your hands in your purse and pull out your wallet and keys without worrying about smudges.

There are some drawbacks. The polish has to be removed in the salon by a professional. Your fingertips are soaked in acetone and then the gel polish is scraped off. There are mixed opinions as to whether this weakens your nails or not. I thought it did a bit, but that could have been because my nails were dry as well. The salons recommend using cuticle oil once a day to keep them hydrated.

Look close at the picture. Do you want to guess how long that polish has been on? I know, I know - I'll never be a hand model, but focus in on the nail. That's the manicure I got 13 days ago. You can see as your nail grows the polish stays put. So towards the end you can see the off white of my natural nail tip peeking out under the white polish. Not a big deal and most people won't look that close.

Another downside is that right now the selection of colors to pick from is limited, but that could change. Also it's going to cost a bit more then a regular manicure. Though since it lasts for 2 weeks some might say it's worth it.

I would definitely recommend checking with your local nail salon and trying it. Let me know what you think. I give this new treatment an "A-." Isn't nail polish that doesn't chip every woman's dream? :) Watch FOX19 News at 6pm Friday, September 10th to see my story on this.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nantucket Baby!!

Back from a few days off.

Hey everyone. It's Rob.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a wedding on Nantucket, MA.

Never been there. Our journey started last Thursday. After flying into Boston, we took a connecting to the island on Cape Air. It reminded me of Sandpiper Air from the show "Wings." Seated maybe 8 people.

As we approached the island, you could see how beautiful it was from the air. Up close Nantucket is stunning. Its a small island 30 miles south of the cape and features one of highest concentration of pre-Civil War structures in the U.S. Many of the streets are cobblestone. Nice to look at, but tough to walk on and uncomfortable to drive over.

Lots of seafood as you can imagine. Sampled clam chowder in almost every restaurant we stopped in. Each claiming to have the best. Honestly, they all kind of tasted the same. Very good, but the same.

There was a slight hiccup with Hurricane Earl. We saw shop owners boarding up the windows. Turned out to be a whole of nothing. It rained. That's about it. After Earl left the weather was beautiful. The sun was out and there was always a nice breeze. We got to check out the beach and sit in the sand. The rip-tide was too strong, so swimmers were warned to stay out of the water.

The only thing to rival the beauty of Nantucket was the bride. She was stunning. The groom couldn't look happier.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun With My Two Families

Wow, what a weekend!

Hi, it's Sheila, and it was all play with a little work for me this weekend, but it was a whole lot of fun. I started with a day trip to Lexington Saturday to witness the wedding of the son of some dear friends. They got married on the lawn of an old mansion turned event facility, and it was gorgeous.

On Sunday, Ric and I headed out to Campbell County for our first visit to the Alexandria Horse Show and Fair. I hadn't been to a county fair in years, and it was a first for my son, Eric. He got up close and personal with some of the animals, rode the rides, and we ate some tasty fair food. He even got to go inside an emergency command unit stationed there, thanks to Officer Tara of the Alexandria Police Department.

I'm sure you know where I headed next: the riverfront, for the Cincinnati Bell-WEBN fireworks, and Fox 19's Last Blast of Summer special. Most of my Fox 19 family was there, some who started their day at 6:30 that morning. My co-workers behind the scenes went above and beyond to make me and Tricia look good. Last week, Tricia and I got to spend some rare time together, getting interviews and footage for the special, and even doing a little shopping for our cool, new matching Fox 19 logo sweaters.

I always have so much fun with Tricia. She's a ball of energy. Guess you have to be when you have 5 kids! We don't get to work or play together very often because of our opposing work schedules, and we always have lots to talk about. I was so pleased to find out that we just as much chemistry on the air as off.

I've only braved the crowds one time before to check out the fireworks, and I have to admit, it sure was nice to watch the big bang from our perch at Newport on the Levee. My favorite part of the show was the Rozzis' interpretation of "Pure Imagination." I still love the 1971 movie, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," and the display made me feel like a kid again.

I capped off my weekend, holed up in my daughter Katie's bedroom, painting. My teenager and I painted over the bright lime green and yellow with a more mature blue hue called Reflecting Pool. Even Katie admitted it was a little sad to see her little girl bedroom disappear.

So if I look a little tired today, I hope you understand! But that was a weekend for the record books. Love my two families!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The FOX19 Morning News Xtra

Good Morning Frank Marzullo Here... While officially the FOX19 Last Blast of Summer is in the books for 2010, today could be the last unofficial day of summer, after Labor Day it is back to full time school and work for many of you. While many of us are going to be getting back into our old and new routines, we here at FOX19 hope your routine will include us. Starting Monday September 20th FOX19 will expand from 9am to 10am, with a new hour long program, The FOX19 Morning News Extra. The program will focus on the family and those hard working stay at home moms, who most certainly have a full time job. I will be joined by Tracey Johnson, the two of us will co-host the program, and your going to love her. Tracey comes home to the Tri-State via Dallas, Texas where she has spent the last several years. She is Princeton High School graduate, and has countless family members here in the Tri-State. She is a wife and a mother of 4 kids, and will be able to provide you with a load of tips and insight. Please join me in welcoming Tracey to the new FOX19 Morning News Xtra, it's going to be exciting, informative, and fun!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Are You Ready for the Last Blast of Summer?

Good morning!

We are so excited here at the station for Carmax Riverfest and the Cincinnati Bell/WEBN Fireworks! We cannot wait to bring it to you live!

I'll be the first to say that putting on an event like this is no small thing. We've been planning our coverage for something like a year-- or at least it feels that way. If you are not at the riverbank this Sunday, then I promise FOX19 is where you need to put your TV dial.

We'll have coverage from both sides of the dueling river, with special pieces that talk about the history, traditions, people, and enthusiasm that make this event such a great one. We're talking to celebrities, fans, the Rozzis, and a slew of others about this labor day tradition. If you want to see it, we'll have it. We'll even have..... Frank Marzullo!

Anyway, we hope you'll enjoy the show.

I know I will. It means a lot to me to be a part of such a big event in my hometown.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time to Hit the Beach, Cincinnati!

Hi, it's Meghan. :-) Labor Day weekend in Cincinnati isn't just about fireworks. This weekend you can also see Olympic gold medalists and the best beach volleyball players in the world, up close and personal, at the Pro Beach Volleyball Players Championship.

You may have been to the AVP (Pro Beach Volleyball Tour) before at the Lindner Family Tennis Center in Mason. This year there are a couple changes. The annual event is now at a brand new, beach volleyball-specific venue called Hahaha Beach, and it no longer carries the AVP name. Tournament organizer Mario Cincchinelli says when the AVP folded recently he immediately contacted and signed the top 16 men and women for this year's tournament - not an easy task considering most were overseas playing in Europe. The good news is that all of them will be coming to Cincinnati, including top players like Misty May Treanor, Todd Rogers and Phil Daulhausser. The qualifiers are today – Thursday -- then there are day and night matches Friday morning through Sunday afternoon.

I’ve been out to Hahana Beach and can tell you that it is top notch. The quaint stadium only holds 2,000 fans so there are no bad seats, and the sand on the courts is nice and deep. The site is also home to a new bar and restaurant where surf boards hang from the walls to compliment the tropically themed menu. After the tournament is over the restaurant will be open year round and host local leagues when the weather is nice. So even if you're not a pro, you can still say you play on the same court as them. :-) Here’s how the owners are touting it - Hahana Beach: where the day is hot, the courts are hotter, and the nightlife is hottest!

Hahana Beach is on Wooster Pike in Columbia Township, just west of the Newton Bridge. Parking is limited, but tournament coordinators have rented lots from other businesses for this weekend and they tell me there will be police officers directing traffic.

One more thing – tickets prices start at just $10!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rey's Caring Heart

Character is often described as the actions a man or woman takes when no one is looking. The Bengals get their share of publicity about bad behavior, so I wanted to pass along this story about Rey Maualuga's caring heart.

Sheila here.
Vickie Nesmith of Boone County was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997. Since then, the cancer has turned up in other parts of her body, but she keeps beating it. Now she needs a very expensive procedure, which her insurance won't cover. Her friends put together a benefit recently to help her family with the mounting medical bills.

One of those friends asked Rey Maualuga to sign a couple of footballs for the silent auction, and was nothing short of shocked when Rey asked, "Can I come?"

Rey did come to the benefit in Northern Kentucky, and the first thing he wanted to do was meet Vickie. Let me set the scene for you. Several hundred people were inside the Florentine Center in Florence, and Vickie was trying to her best to spend time with each one of them. Like a hostess at a reception, she hadn't found time to eat a single bite of food, and she was tired down to her very core. When her daughter asked Vickie to come with her, she was just sitting down for the first time that evening, and Vickie asked Nicole if she could hold on for a few minutes. Nicole said, "No, Mom, you really need to come with me."

Vickie couldn't believe her eyes when she realized the reason for the interruption was Maualuga. She says, "He had his hair pulled back, and he was so handsome!"

Rey was with two buddies, and after posing for a few photos with Vickie and her children, the Bengals star wanted to fade into background. He said to the crowd of fans who had gathered around him, "this is Vickie's night."

Vickie describes her newfound friend as quiet and reserved. After spending some time at a corner table, number 58 gave Vickie an autographed football and told her it was time to go. She thanked him again and again and told him she's a crazy Bengals fan, who tells her family they have to be quiet and leave her alone when she's watching their games on TV.

Rey made her special night even better by offering tickets to Vickie and her husband, but Vickie was most moved by Maualuga's kindness. He didn't come to her benefit for the show of being there. Instead, Vickie felt the support of a man whose shoulders are very, very broad.