Friday, September 17, 2010

Xtra Is Almost Here

It's almost like planning a wedding, and the big day is just about here. Frank here, and I am so excited to tell you about the brand new FOX19 News Morning Xtra, set to debut on Monday at 9am. This will be a hour long program that will focus on family and your community. We will also have the latest news headlines and your Storm Tracker forecast which you have come to expect from FOX19, but the best part is that it is going to be a more relaxed format where we can go in depth on issues from helping your kids get better grades to fast and easy recipes that the whole family will love. Tracey Johnson a Princeton High School graduate has come home to Cincinnati and will join me on the Morning X. Tracey a mother of 4 knows all about the challenges of being both a working and stay at home mom, her insight is going to be awesome, plus she has been given instructions to keep "old" Frank here in check. All tongue and cheek of course, but I have been known to get off base and off topic from time to time. After weeks of rehearsals and guest booking we are all set and we hope you join us starting Monday at 9am following Rob and Sheila and the FOX19 Morning news.

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