Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Anchor Bonding

Good Tuesday morning. Rob here.

Frank and I had the good fortune to check out Poco a Poco last night.

The restaurant is debuting its new fall menu this weekend, but they gave us a sneak peek. That's Frank with Sandy (in the middle). She and her husband Mark own the restaurant. They also own Riverside Korean which is one of my favorite restaurants anywhere.

Poco a Poco hasn't been open very long. It opened as a tapas style restaurant on Hyde Park Square earlier this summer. This fall the menu is going to be inspired by seasonal ingredients and you will warmed with larger portions.

The restaurant is known for its exciting colorful drinks. Last night was no different. We started the night with a champagne sangria. Perfect way to start the night.

First up: Salad. We had cured salmon with bitter greens and a citrus dressing. It also had Jicama. Frank had no idea what that was but liked it.

Take a look at the chicken on the menu. Tasty and perfect for fall. The broth was delicious and the roasted chicken sat in a delicious broth and topped with greens.

We also tried the pork tenderloin. Also delicious. It is on the left of the picture.

That dish on the right is fantastic. It is a more refined version of deep fried cheese sticks. Instead of deep fried, the cheese is pan seared. A big hit with the diners last night.
Poco a Poco mixing things up for the fall with a new menu. Check it out. Give them a call. Or visit their website. http://www.pococincinnati.com/

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