Monday, September 13, 2010

Did I Get A Traffic Ticket ?

Good Morning Everyone, Marzullo Here, How Was Your Weekend? I started mine out by having dinner at my favorite restaurant, Honey on the Northside. Every time I go I order something different and every time the combination of flavors and the preparation of food is by far one of the freshest and best restaurants in the city. With that said I slept well Friday night and started my Saturday with a stop for a bagel and coffee over in the Columbia / Tusculum. It was pretty un-eventful until I left and headed back to my car, I noticed what appeared to be a ticket on the wind shield. At first I was stumped and aggravated, ( probably saying a few choice words to myself ) because I was in a public free parking space so had no idea why I got this ticket. The thing that stood out most is that it was a pink piece of card board stock paper. It had the official Cincinnati Police logo on it so I knew it was something. I was happy to see the words said " This is not a ticket ", so right then I did feel better. What it was, was a report card for my car and the word FAILED was circled. The details stated that I had property in plain view site of on-lookers or people who maybe scouting for a quick break in. Our law enforcement officers were just warning me and others in the parking lot that we must be thoughtful when we leave our cars, not to keep windows open and not to keep property in plain view of others. So I thank you Cincinnati Police Officers, I am now going to be more aware when I leave my car, but really if somebody stole my ipod they would be disappointed with the Barry Manilow music on it, I'm just kidding, it's Neil Diamond!

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