Friday, February 26, 2010

Meeting Ed

Hi, It's Meghan.

We interview a lot of people. Not often does a conversation really sticks with me, but the one I had with Alyssa Stein did. The 15 year old from Batesville Indiana is recovering from an eating disorder. I interviewed her for my story on Body Image. I never really understood an eating disorder or Ed (like the man's name - that's what she and her therapist Dr. Susie Mendelson call it)

Alyssa talked about how she would barely eat anything wanting to control her look and life - it made her obsessed with food. In one way or another I think all women are concerened with the food we put into our body. What I learned from Alyssa and Dr. Mendelson was to NOT focus weight - those dreaded numbers on the scale. But more on if you feel healthy and fit. (It's hard....often i get on in the morning close my eyes and hold my breath, hoping the carrot cake I ate last night doesn't add a pound or two.)

Alyssa is on the road to recovery. She did it by talking about her issues, writing them down and really changing they way she thinks.

If you or someone you know might need help, here's a link to Dr. Mendelson:

By the way she says the fastest growing segment of women with an eating disorder right NOT teenagers - but older woman trying to fight metabolism and middle age.

"The Great Buck Howard"

Have you heard of that movie?? Probably not. Hey everyone. Rob here.

It starred John Malkovich, Colin Hanks and Emily Blunt. Tom Hanks also appears in the movie as father of his real-life son's character. It is about a mentalist, Buck, who resurrects his career in Cincinnati by putting hundreds people to sleep. He then awakens them at once as if from the dead. Buck collapses from exhaustion and is rushed to hosptial. Why am I telling you about this movie? Take a look at the clip below.

We received an email from a casting agent looking for local news anchors. Sheila, really did all the leg work on getting this gig. For that I am thankful because it is probably one of the coolest things ever.
The movie debuted at Sundance in 2008. It never really hit theaters. However it was shown on a lot of international flights. Most people who stopped me and said, "I saw you in that movie" usually saw it on a plane. Can't wait to interview Tom Hanks one day and say, "Like Denzel we were in a movie together."

Can We Keep The World From Changing ?

Marzullo Here...
As I drove into the station this morning I had another one of those " I am getting old" moments. You know what I mean? When you think about situations or things, and you say to yourself it's not like it used to be or not as good as it used to be. Before I go on, I want to say whenever a person, group, or organization does something to raise money for charity and those less fortunate they should be applauded and honored.

With that said, do old souls like myself think the new We Are The World song is a awful arrangement? I heard it played on the radio this morning and was thinking, what is this? Yeah I know music and sounds have changed over the years since the original release of the song in 1985, but with a classic song why do artists think they have to re-invent it? Written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie the original song brought musicians, singers, and performs from all avenues together to raise money for relief aide for Africa. I just read, as of 2009 the original song has sold more than 20 million copies and raised over $63 million for aid in Africa and the US.

This latest version raises funds for the devastation after the earthquake in Haiti. But why do we have to over synthesise the vocals and throw in shouting vocals. All the artist who took part are talented and successful but why do we think progress in life is throwing out what has worked in the past. This arrangement does not work personally for me, I am not a musician or song writer, but I do know sounds I like and this is not a sound that I like. This is just one lonely weatherman's opinion. What do you think, listen to both arrangements below and decide:

While we are on the topic of the past and things that should not change...Can We Please All Start Drinking Snapple Again!!! I love Snapple and it is sooooo hard to find, I wish it was 1994 !!

Have A Great Weekend Everyone!!

The true meaning of inspiration

Hi, it's Sheila.
As jury selection begins in the trial of suspected serial killer Anthony Kirkland, I can't help thinking about the families of the women he's accused of murdering, especially their mothers.
Kirkland is accused of killing Esme Kenney, Kimya Rolison, Casonya Crawford, and Mary Jo Newton.
Esme was a 13-year old student at the School for Creative and Performing Arts. She was killed a year ago while jogging near her home.

I met her mother, Lisa Siders Kenney, last month when I interviewed her for a Faith Works story. The minister at the Kenneys' church, St. John Unitarian Universalist in Clifton, had told me the Kenney's are an inspiration to her and to many in the Cincinnati community, and Rev. Denise Tracy told me about the many ways they have given to others in Esme's memory. I was nervous about talking with Lisa because I didn't want to ask a question or say anything that would add to her pain after losing her only child. She was so gracious and kind, that she made me feel at ease when I met her. She was open about her grief, and she shared with me how important it is for her and her husband Tom to keep Esme in their lives, by observing her birthday, making a place for her memory in their holiday celebrations, and just finding ways to keep sharing Esme's goodness with others. Lisa is not a Cincinnati native, but she told me the community has embraced her family and held them up. "I didn't grow up in Cincinnati. It's my adopted city, and I think it's just full of amazing people. I really have been overwhelmed with the giving and the support we've had here."

Their church, in particular, has helped them survive the worst thing that could ever happen to a parent by coming up with ways of giving the Kenney's moments of hope. In January, St. John's hosted a choral concert to celebrate what would have been Esme's fourteenth birthday, and on March 7 will hold a Quaker service for the Kenney's. Rev. Tracy says, "A Quaker service is simply a service where what happens come from those who attend. People can be silent, read, or sing as the spirit moves."
The service begins at 6:30 p.m. and ends at 8:00 p.m. People may come for a few minutes or stay the whole time.
Rev. Tracy says, "We want to provide a sacred space for community support so that in the midst of the trial and on the anniversary of Esme's death, concerned people can offer and receive solace. Lisa and Tom and I will be there, and we will receive whoever arrives and be together with them." She sums up the church community's compassion like this: "A human being hurt another human being, and I think our congregation saw their responsibility to show how much you can love in the face of that."
I encourage you to watch my Faith Works inteview with Lisa Kenney. You can find it under Faith Works here on the website.

Chilitown USA

Good morning, Sara here.

I didn't realize that Cincinnati HASN'T been officially named Chilitown USA.

Why is this not so?

When I heard about the effort to name the Queen City such, it seemed like an obvious to me. Cincinnati just equals chili! If you grow up here, like I did, then you probably eat Cincinnati chili like it's going out of style. When I moved away for a few years, I used to beg my mom to send me cases of the stuff in the mail. When I came back, I ate it at least twice a week for a year. In fact, my "chili habit", along with UDF milkshakes, are probably the biggest contributors to my significant weight gain in the first months after I moved back.

So, if Cincinnati gains the distinction or not, it will always be Chilitown USA to me.

I just love the stuff!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

They're back

Hey its Rob.

When I walked outside and saw this, I decided to blog about another snowy morning. However, on my drive into work I decided to change it up. My morning was going to be dominated by snow. Snow caused accidents, school delays and headaches.

I decided not to drive straight to work. I drove downtown to the corner of 7th and Vine and snapped a picture of a building there.(top picture)Why? Because unlike the snow, this excites me. It's the future site of Jean-Robert de Cavel's new restaurant, Jean-Robert's Table. A week ago a judge ruled he could move forward with plans for a new restaurant.
It will feature seasonal fresh ingredients, French country cooking styles, and be casual and fun. I along with many many others benefit from Jean-Robert choosing to make his home here. Now I'm glad he can do what he loves.
On a side note, will Frank ever post a picture that doesn't include him?? :)

Sunny and 75 Degrees Today !

That sounds good, right? We Wish...Good Morning Frank Marzullo Here,

Here is my advice with our long winter I recommend we all put umbrellas in our orange juice and coffee this morning, because umbrella drinks always make us think warmer weather!!

As you wake up this morning you'll notice we had a light coating of snow overnight. While accumulations are not that impressive, less than a half of an inch, the time that it fell can certainly cause problems. When you have passing snow showers during the day when temperatures are near freezing and you have traffic volume, you do not have issues. However, that same amount of snow that falls during the overnight when temperatures are below freezing and less traffic, your going to get many more slick spots.

We had over a half a dozen accidents overnight and as we get a little more traffic this morning we look for our roadways to improve but as always just be cautious.

This is just some frosting on the cake as we end the month of February this weekend. We have had 24.9" of snowfall making it the snowiest February on record. While I love snow I am just about done with this "STUFF". Now you may think us weather folks make our money during storm coverage, but trust me we do not get paid by the word, so like you I to am sick of it!!

I am just looking forward to heading to Florida next week, more on that later as I rub it in just a bit!!! I'll send back the sunshine!!

Oh no!

More snow! Hi, it's Sheila.
My friend Cindy said it best, "I'm so done with snow!"
Even though Frank talked about another half inch of snow possible for this morning, I was a bit surprised to see my driveway and street completely covered by up to an inch more!
Once I got to the interstate on-ramp, it was clear sailing. That's the headline for today's morning commute. Interstates have a green light, but side streets could be slick.
As my high school Driver's Ed instructor used to say, "Be sure to maintain assured clear distance from the driver in front you."
Be safe!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WOW I Work With A News Hottie !

Good Morning Friends....Frank Marzullo Here
So if you did not know our very own Meghan Mongillo is WEBN's Dawn Patrol Cincinnati News Hottie of Year! She received a crown, feather boa, flowers, and a 7 pound frozen hot dog during her appearance on the show yesterday!

What a honor! I feel so honored to sit next to her each morning, at 4:30am! Yes we are on at 4:30am, if you did not know. Chris our floor director started our countdown to the start of the show this morning, and as he counted down from 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 -ect... I thought to myself: WOW...I am 31 years old, I have been waking up at 3am for the past 10 years, I am balding, and this morning in particular I am having some acid reflux issues, but it is all worth it to sit next to Cincinnati's Hottest News Woman!

Now of course, this is all tongue and cheek, but on a serious note, a sign of a great television journalist who can be balanced and trusted in everything she does while at the same time realizing it's okay to have some fun and not take things to seriously. I think sometimes in all aspects of live, no matter what your career, the true purpose of our accomplishments can be lost if we do not sit back and have a good laugh at our expense and enjoy what we have worked so hard to accomplish, no matter what you do.

Wow, I am feeling very deep this morning, could be the lack of sleep I had last night!!! So congratulations Meghan on your Hottie Award...Now get back outside and stand in the cold wind and snow outside a dark building and tell us the news!!!!

BTW: Meghan and I have a brother and sister relationship off air ( we are both Italian it's a bond!! ) so I know she will not mind me talking her up like she is Barbara Walters!!

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Good morning, Sara here.

If you follow me on Twitter or just know me in general, you know I've been going through a rough spot with sleep lately.

Some days, I can sleep deeper and fuller than I could ever imagine.

Then, there are nights like last night. It's probably a good thing my husband didn't encounter me last night. I wasn't a happy person.

I came home from work at noon, ran some errands, and had the full intention of being inside of a blissful dream by 4:00PM. I just felt my body needed the extra rest (I know, I know, it's funny to think of someone trying to sleep at at time when most people are finishing out their natural work day--but give me some slack. I had been up since 2:15AM!).

The appointed hour came and went, and so far, so good. I was in bed, cozy, and inside the kind of dream that promised a good night of relaxation.

Then the phone rang.

Three separate times. Three separate calls.

The final call was work related and came at about 6 PM. I am not ashamed to say it was the most jarring. Sleep was no longer in my grasp after that. She drifted away and didn't return for four and a half hours.

Instead, I just lay there, wishing she'd come back. By the time she did, it almost didn't matter. I only had a few hours left before the alarm.

A lot of people have asked me if I have tried medicine or herbal remedies to sleep, and I have an answer. Unfortunately, everything I've tried has left me feeling like I'm in a fog the next day. I don't want to miss out on my waking life.

So I am stuck.

Any suggestions?

Paul Horton is back on the Fox 19 Morning News!

But only for a guest spot. Hi, it's Sheila.
I have the best job in the world, but there's one thing I have never liked about working in television news. Some of the most wonderful people I've gotten to know have moved on to other cities. Don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled for my friends when they get new jobs which advance their careers and improve their lives. But it's hard to say good-bye.
Paul Horton is one of the greatest people I know. He's a genuinely nice guy, and he truly cares about his co-workers and his viewers.
Some of the best days of my career were spent working along side Paul for several years on the Fox 19 Morning News. If I had a nickel for every time he made me laugh, I'd be a rich woman.
But I am richer in a different way, and I thank Paul for his friendship.
This morning you'll see Paul on Brian Giesenschlag's spring training report from Goodyear, Arizona. Paul is the morning meteorologist for the CBS station in Phoenix. He married his wife Jennifer last fall, and they have a great life out west. But I miss him.
We are still in touch, and I had fun ribbing him about my Ohio State Buckeyes beating his Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl (which he watched in person in Pasadena).
Paul is one of those people I hope I always know, because he makes life fun, and he always give me the gift of a good laugh.
Who knows? This might not be the last time you see him catch up with us on the Fox 19 Morning News.

Love the Dogs; Keep the Pizza

I hate Chicago style pizza. There I said it. Don't get me wrong. Chicago is one of my favorite cities. I love their hot dogs. My favorite tapas restaurant, Cafe Iberico can be found on LaSalle there. Running on North Lake Shore Drive makes a long run fun. I've even run the Chicago Marathon twice. However, I don't think a knife and fork belong anywhere near a slice of pizza. Also, few things are more unsatisfying as being full after eating just one piece.
I like my pizza thin, and I like to fold it. You can find such a such a slice on Walnut Street downtown Cincinnati in the Mercantile building. It's called Capri Tavola Calda. Owner Nicola Santagata opened the place about two months ago. He's a native of Naples, Italy. He trained for years on how to make the perfect Italian pizza. I had the 4 cheese pizza which was fantastic. The crust perfect. The prices reasonable.
Check it out and let me know what you think. BTW posting this blog entry was much easier than my 4 hour odyssey yesterday. However, I'm still figuring out how to post the pictures in the story rather than all on top.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thinking of Spring

I found this picture and decided Opening Day would be the subject of my first blog. It's timely with spring training underway. It's also one of my favorite unofficial holidays.
That's me and Kelly who was marching behind the Fox19 news team. She's 11 and was walking in support of greyhound adoption. Her mother sent me the picture.
At 5 this morning I set out to write my first blog entry ever. I had a great subject, a good picture, but what I didn't have were skills. I download songs from itunes, tweet on twitter, and take care of emails on my Blackberry. Until this morning I had no idea how technically unsavy I am.
I had a hard time logging on, and posting that picture above took hours. I had to ask Frank and Sara for help over again. Frank talked about me the way I talk about my parents and their inability to reset the clock on the VCR.
Hopefully this blogging thing will eventually be easier than my 4 hour odyssey this morning. Our bosses have encouraged us to post everyday during the show. Should be interesting. So check back and read posts from Sheila, Meghan, Frank, Sara and me.
Oh yeah, can't wait for Opening Day and the parade.

Yummy Goodness

Good morning, Sara Celi here.

I love to travel. This is no secret.

I also love to eat. It's a love affair I've romanced for years, sometimes to my peril, but lately with control.

Lately and for a number of reasons, I've been spending a lot of my weekends in sunny SoCal with my husband, Sean.

It's been a nice break from the cold and wintry Midwest.

It's also given me a chance to see some of the nooks and crannies that make up the area, and a chance to see there is so much more to Los Angeles than Hollywood.

Often, this discovery involves food. In LA, there is a lot of that.

On my last visit Valentine's weekend, I stumbled on the promised land.

It happened on the Redondo Riviera, a fabled section of Redondo Beach, just two blocks from the Pacific.

You can tell by the attached photo that what I found was gelato, at the shop 22 Degrees.

Friends, we are not talking about just any gelato.

This gelato is not only made in the correct Italian way (with a smoothness that is oh so hard to replicate), it's also sold to you with full calorie information.

Nothing is held back.

Want to know how much fiber is in a serving? Got it. How many calories? No problem. If the gelato's gluten free? Not an issue.

As I looked at the 20 or so delectable selections, I saw it-- a little number I thought I recognized.

"What does the 3 mean?" I asked the clerk,but sure I already knew.

"That's for the people who are on Weight Watchers,"she said.

I couldn't believe it. That, friends, is when I took this picture.

You may not believe it, but Weight Watchers has helped me lose 37 pounds,

I am pretty open about it. I'm proud of myself. I made a decision in August 2007 to get healthy, and I have managed to do it. The real challenge comes in sticking to it.

At 22 Degrees on a February afternoon, I didn't have to worry about how a treat might affect my points for the day. I had the answer right in front of me.

My only question is, when can we get one in Cincinnati?

My Headache of Our Snowiest February On Record

Good Day Friends,

Frank Marzullo here...

I do not have to tell you it has been a long and rough winter here in the Tri-State. As we approach the end of February we have already seen the snowiest February ever with 23.6 inches of snowfall. To put that in perspective we have had 35.9 inches for the season which is around 20 inches above average. Now I can sit here with my TV Weatherman hair and talk about how it causes school delays, slippery roads, tricky travel, snow removal costs, finding child care for snow days, or how annoying it is that everyone goes to the store before a storm, I will address the headaches differently. The biggest HEADACHE, my dog is tracking all this dirty nasty snow into my house!!!

I have made mention of him before in fact Mr. Benson made his first television appearance on Thanksgiving morning, I had only had him for 5 days and he was a perfect gentleman. However, now he is getting wiser and knows how to push my buttons and this snow does not help. I live in Covington in a loft that has hard wood floors, now at first you may think hey easy clean up, but it is endless. Mr. Benson's bladder is really small, he reminds me of the little cousin in Home Alone, who Kevin did not want to share a bed with since he wet the bed all the time. He takes a sip of water and has to go to the bathroom so we are constantly running outside down the stairs. Everything is covered in snow so we spend time wandering and he dives into the snow, he licks the snow, he covers himself in the snow, and then he does his business.

Then when we go back in my crib he jumps out of my hands, before I dry him off and runs all around like a horse at the Derby! He leaves in his wake a mess, now I have dirty / salty snow all over my floors, and he decides to rub himself dry on my area rug. So needless to say my biggest headache is that I use my floor steamer every single day to get his little paw prints off the floor. You have to realize I am a obsessed with neatness, a little embarrassing and it will prob not help my dating life, but when I was in 6th grade I asked for a label maker for Christmas. I thought it would be cool to label everything and be organized, so yes it has taken me a little time to get used to Mr. Benson not following my cleanliness rules, but I love the little dude.

Ron Burgundy in Anchorman had Baxter and I have Mr. Benson, still trying to get the station to allow him to be in the weather center with me, I mean come on Cincinnati needs a Doppler Dog, what do you think?

Have A Great Day!

No School Delays!

Hi, Sheila here.

I have to tell you I was shocked on Sunday when my daughter Katie said she was glad it wouldn't snow Sunday night, so her school would not call for a delay or a snow day!

I think she was tired of the uncertainty after two weeks of not knowing from one day to the next whether she'd have school or a chance to sleep in.

Rob, Frank, Bruce, and I had a little bet going last week on what would be the first day without a school delay.

We all lost when the snow forecast for Sunday night turned into a rain forecast instead. LOL!

I, like Katie, am glad things are back to normal.

I'm more ready than ever for spring!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not So Creative

Dear Reader,

You must forgive me a moment for being hacked off in this blog post.

I just read the now infamous Vanity Fair article on the Creation Museum and Cincinnati.

I can't stand to hold my tongue any longer.

It might be the most uninformed, snobbish article I've ready from a magazine I usually enjoy picking up at the newsstand.

Lets put aside the Creation Museum itself for a minute. That's another topic for another time. I'm not going to engage in a debate about what the museum stands for or if I agree with it's premise.

But I will debate anyone who dares to act like Cincinnati and the surrounding counties are hopelessly backward places with "meager pickings to boast about."

Cheap shots are in my opinion useless at best and at worst, tasteless.

I could forgive A.A Gill if he and Paul Bettany (an actor I've always liked on the big screen) actually spent time in Greater Cincinnati before deriding it or calling it a place where "tennis is considered a game for Europeans." Unfortunately, neither one did so. They saw a small part of the area and called the dish done.

They hadn't even started cooking.

(By the way, I learned to play tennis last summer and I am not a European.)

Like every city, Cincinnati has its shortcomings and it's downfalls. Growing up here, I used to complain to the high heavens that "this town has nothing to do," and that "everything happens here later than everywhere else."

I find myself thinking that less the longer I live here as an adult.

When I moved back to town in June 2007, I suddenly saw a beautiful city with culture and life I'd never considered. In three years I've met a number of creative and innovative people--most of them young professionals. I've seen a city that can offer me a Broadway play on Tuesday night, drinks at a downtown hot spot on Wednesday, a major concert on Friday, and a charity ball on Saturday. I know a few great people who really love this city, who are committed to making the Queen City better. Allow Cincinnati to grow on you and she will, right along with Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana, and the other counties that make up Southwest Ohio.

Cincinnati, my friends, simply doesn't get enough credit.

It's time someone stopped and took notice, instead of pulling off a highway exit and deciding they know best.

Perhaps A.A. Gill would like do that next summer, at the ATP tennis tournament in Warren County. It, too, is right off the highway.

Friday, February 12, 2010

An Open Thank You Note

Most of us in the Tristate just finished a long week.

As Rob put it this morning, "Longest week of my life."

It seemed like forever for Friday to get here, especially when our team did extended coverage on back-to-back days for the pesky snowstorm covering our area.

It made for some exhausting days, with everyone pushed to their limit. While you might have played in the snow, we worked to keep all angles covered.

That's why I want to take a moment to thank some people our viewers never see--our great production and behind the scenes team. We have so many great people working at our station, too many to all name here.

Without them, Rob, Sheila, Bruce, Frank, Meghan, and I would never be able to do what we do every day. They have to work long hours when breaking news happens, often with no accolades, no recognition. It's not an easy or glamorous job. It's not always fun. Sometimes the stress gets to them just as much as it gets to us.

So to them, I say thank you.

Thank you for coming in early, then staying late. Thank you for changing gears with seconds to spare. Thank you for putting up with the snow and the inconvenience. You all are part of what makes FOX19 successful.

We can't do the news without you.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When the Snow Flies, We Head to Work

I've often been given looks of pity from people in the community.

"Are you the girl who has to stand outside in the cold when the snow is blowing or it's raining?" someone always asks. "I always feel so sorry for you!"

Usually I just laugh and tell them it's part of my job.

And it is.

When snow falls, all the people at FOX19 work long, grueling shifts. We get to the station hours early, and we stay hours late.

It's the same way in other cities. The weather emphasis just changes. At my old TV station, the main focus was tornadoes and hurricanes. When the weather broke, we got up and went. For a cub reporter just out of college, this meant sometimes doing crazy things. During Hurricane Rita, I remember being the only car for what must have been 30 miles on a two lane highway. Once I drove through an East Texas electrical storm, and then got out to shoot video. I'm lucky I'm alive!

We do this extended coverage because we know you at home are watching. For all the people who accuse us of "blowing out" or "overstating" a weather event, look at our numbers. Consistently we see a jump in the number of households watching us whenever bad weather comes to town. We take calls all the time from people across the area who are concerned, we get emails from viewers asking us about the weather.

Weather is one of the big reasons people watch local news.

So if you need us, we're going to be there.

And we'll "do it live", even if means standing by the side of the highway.
I was hoping for a smooth drive to work today, but it was not to be!
Members of the Fox 19 Morning News often spend the night at a hotel near the station when snow is in the forecast, but at decision time it looked like we wouldn't see the snow fly until 3 a.m. or so.
The snow got here a little sooner than we thought, and my drive in to work this morning was horrible!
I was trying to stay calm by thinking of all the ways I could describe the morning commute, and my best one is "a white knuckler!: :)
I hope you don't have to travel today, but if you do, get an early start. No one will be able to hurry this morning.
Be sure to check out the school closing information on the air and at
Be safe, and I'll see you on TV!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Reflections on Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. Myspace. Friendster. Linkedin.

I remember a time not so long ago when social media felt more like an unknown frontier than a necessity for a serious journalist.

I did stories on the dangers of Myspace for unsuspecting teens, and even more stories warning that what people posted Internet could haunt them later in life. As my college and high school friends joined Myspace and the Facebook, I abstained. I didn't know how it could fit into my public and private lives. I stayed away.

But in the last year, things have really changed.

Maybe it's the proliferation of Twitter, or the allure of Facebook. Maybe its just that being online is a part of being modern.

Somewhere along the way, I got swept up in the social media tidal wave too. I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and this blog. Suddenly, I'm everywhere online.

I'm not the only one.

In the last six months or so, there's been an explosion of police, school districts, attorneys, politicians, public servants, public works, and government agencies that have made social media a big part of their daily operations. It's common now to see these groups "tweet" on their Twitter accounts, or post updates on Facebook fan pages.

Social media has been such a part of daily operations for the groups that I decided to do a story on it. I think you'll find my interviews pretty interesting. It airs tonight, February 8th, on the FOX19 Ten O'Clock News.

And the bottom line is, social media is here to stay.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hi there,
I've never blogged before, but it looks like I'm about the learn. Let me know what you'd like to see in this blog! And I hope you'll come back often.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

American Sign Museum

If you didn't see my story on the American Sign Museum, its on our website look in the video box. It was such an interesting place - a real slice of Americana. Tod Swormstedt has a true passion for signs and the story behind them. His grandfather started Signs of the Times Magazine (which he now runs), so he grew up in the industry.

The Museum on Essex Place in Walnut Hills is still open..but right now he is focused on the Camp Washington Site. It'll be so neat when it's open. The huge signs will hang in a faux streetscape in a town called Signville. Also Neonworks of Cincinnati moved their business inside so you can watch neon tube bending in action.

The problem now is money - 60% is collected. But 1 million dollars more is needed.

Tod went to places in LA and Vegas to look into building the new museum there. He said it would have gained more attention but he wanted to stay in the Queen City because it's his home.

Oh and we solved the mystery behind the D of A sign. Here's the back story: It was found in a downtown Cincy building. The man kept it in his garage for years...not knowing where is was from. Then recently donated it - Tod said he can tell it dated back to around 1905 because of the old light bulbs and wiring used. Anyway a viewer Vanna Domenic emailed the station. Here's what she wrote:

I called the news stations after watching the old antique signs segment, to tell you I thought the DOA in the mystery sign stood for "Daughters of America"., I was right., I remember my Grandmother talking about this organization. I am 60 so the organization is probably really dated.,

Here is a link to the same emblem as shown on the news:
Click here: Cemetery Commemorative Plaques & Flagholders

How neat is that? The website is interesting says the Daughters of America was a secret organization whose members used the bible and politics to create their message.

That's it for now..thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ABS Gala Provides Money for Worthy Cause

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting the first ever Fundraising Gala for Applied Behavioural Services (ABS). ABS is a Cincinnati school that provides services, therapies, and education to kids with autism and other learning setbacks. The school is small, progressive, and private. Like many other treatments for autism, it can be very expensive. Saturday night's gala was an effort to help defray some of the costs for families that desperately need it. At the end of the night, I was blown away by the support the community and Cincinnatians offered this worthy organization. More than 250 people packed the banquet hall at Molloy's on the Green in Greenhills for five hours on Saturday night. A live auction, silent auction, performances by the local band ChaseLounge, and a video documentary about ABS's wonderful students highlighted the evening. At the end of the night, more than $25,000 had been raised for the school's tuition foundation. What a great thing!

Monday, February 1, 2010

We are off and running

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