Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thinking of Spring

I found this picture and decided Opening Day would be the subject of my first blog. It's timely with spring training underway. It's also one of my favorite unofficial holidays.
That's me and Kelly who was marching behind the Fox19 news team. She's 11 and was walking in support of greyhound adoption. Her mother sent me the picture.
At 5 this morning I set out to write my first blog entry ever. I had a great subject, a good picture, but what I didn't have were skills. I download songs from itunes, tweet on twitter, and take care of emails on my Blackberry. Until this morning I had no idea how technically unsavy I am.
I had a hard time logging on, and posting that picture above took hours. I had to ask Frank and Sara for help over again. Frank talked about me the way I talk about my parents and their inability to reset the clock on the VCR.
Hopefully this blogging thing will eventually be easier than my 4 hour odyssey this morning. Our bosses have encouraged us to post everyday during the show. Should be interesting. So check back and read posts from Sheila, Meghan, Frank, Sara and me.
Oh yeah, can't wait for Opening Day and the parade.

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  1. Read more about the Cincinnati Reds as Brian Giesenschlag is in Goodyear, Arizona for Spring Training. You can see more here at http://www.fox19.com/Global/category.asp?C=182957