Thursday, February 25, 2010

They're back

Hey its Rob.

When I walked outside and saw this, I decided to blog about another snowy morning. However, on my drive into work I decided to change it up. My morning was going to be dominated by snow. Snow caused accidents, school delays and headaches.

I decided not to drive straight to work. I drove downtown to the corner of 7th and Vine and snapped a picture of a building there.(top picture)Why? Because unlike the snow, this excites me. It's the future site of Jean-Robert de Cavel's new restaurant, Jean-Robert's Table. A week ago a judge ruled he could move forward with plans for a new restaurant.
It will feature seasonal fresh ingredients, French country cooking styles, and be casual and fun. I along with many many others benefit from Jean-Robert choosing to make his home here. Now I'm glad he can do what he loves.
On a side note, will Frank ever post a picture that doesn't include him?? :)

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