Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sunny and 75 Degrees Today !

That sounds good, right? We Wish...Good Morning Frank Marzullo Here,

Here is my advice with our long winter I recommend we all put umbrellas in our orange juice and coffee this morning, because umbrella drinks always make us think warmer weather!!

As you wake up this morning you'll notice we had a light coating of snow overnight. While accumulations are not that impressive, less than a half of an inch, the time that it fell can certainly cause problems. When you have passing snow showers during the day when temperatures are near freezing and you have traffic volume, you do not have issues. However, that same amount of snow that falls during the overnight when temperatures are below freezing and less traffic, your going to get many more slick spots.

We had over a half a dozen accidents overnight and as we get a little more traffic this morning we look for our roadways to improve but as always just be cautious.

This is just some frosting on the cake as we end the month of February this weekend. We have had 24.9" of snowfall making it the snowiest February on record. While I love snow I am just about done with this "STUFF". Now you may think us weather folks make our money during storm coverage, but trust me we do not get paid by the word, so like you I to am sick of it!!

I am just looking forward to heading to Florida next week, more on that later as I rub it in just a bit!!! I'll send back the sunshine!!

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