Wednesday, February 3, 2010

American Sign Museum

If you didn't see my story on the American Sign Museum, its on our website look in the video box. It was such an interesting place - a real slice of Americana. Tod Swormstedt has a true passion for signs and the story behind them. His grandfather started Signs of the Times Magazine (which he now runs), so he grew up in the industry.

The Museum on Essex Place in Walnut Hills is still open..but right now he is focused on the Camp Washington Site. It'll be so neat when it's open. The huge signs will hang in a faux streetscape in a town called Signville. Also Neonworks of Cincinnati moved their business inside so you can watch neon tube bending in action.

The problem now is money - 60% is collected. But 1 million dollars more is needed.

Tod went to places in LA and Vegas to look into building the new museum there. He said it would have gained more attention but he wanted to stay in the Queen City because it's his home.

Oh and we solved the mystery behind the D of A sign. Here's the back story: It was found in a downtown Cincy building. The man kept it in his garage for years...not knowing where is was from. Then recently donated it - Tod said he can tell it dated back to around 1905 because of the old light bulbs and wiring used. Anyway a viewer Vanna Domenic emailed the station. Here's what she wrote:

I called the news stations after watching the old antique signs segment, to tell you I thought the DOA in the mystery sign stood for "Daughters of America"., I was right., I remember my Grandmother talking about this organization. I am 60 so the organization is probably really dated.,

Here is a link to the same emblem as shown on the news:
Click here: Cemetery Commemorative Plaques & Flagholders

How neat is that? The website is interesting says the Daughters of America was a secret organization whose members used the bible and politics to create their message.

That's it for now..thanks for reading!

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