Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Headache of Our Snowiest February On Record

Good Day Friends,

Frank Marzullo here...

I do not have to tell you it has been a long and rough winter here in the Tri-State. As we approach the end of February we have already seen the snowiest February ever with 23.6 inches of snowfall. To put that in perspective we have had 35.9 inches for the season which is around 20 inches above average. Now I can sit here with my TV Weatherman hair and talk about how it causes school delays, slippery roads, tricky travel, snow removal costs, finding child care for snow days, or how annoying it is that everyone goes to the store before a storm, I will address the headaches differently. The biggest HEADACHE, my dog is tracking all this dirty nasty snow into my house!!!

I have made mention of him before in fact Mr. Benson made his first television appearance on Thanksgiving morning, I had only had him for 5 days and he was a perfect gentleman. However, now he is getting wiser and knows how to push my buttons and this snow does not help. I live in Covington in a loft that has hard wood floors, now at first you may think hey easy clean up, but it is endless. Mr. Benson's bladder is really small, he reminds me of the little cousin in Home Alone, who Kevin did not want to share a bed with since he wet the bed all the time. He takes a sip of water and has to go to the bathroom so we are constantly running outside down the stairs. Everything is covered in snow so we spend time wandering and he dives into the snow, he licks the snow, he covers himself in the snow, and then he does his business.

Then when we go back in my crib he jumps out of my hands, before I dry him off and runs all around like a horse at the Derby! He leaves in his wake a mess, now I have dirty / salty snow all over my floors, and he decides to rub himself dry on my area rug. So needless to say my biggest headache is that I use my floor steamer every single day to get his little paw prints off the floor. You have to realize I am a obsessed with neatness, a little embarrassing and it will prob not help my dating life, but when I was in 6th grade I asked for a label maker for Christmas. I thought it would be cool to label everything and be organized, so yes it has taken me a little time to get used to Mr. Benson not following my cleanliness rules, but I love the little dude.

Ron Burgundy in Anchorman had Baxter and I have Mr. Benson, still trying to get the station to allow him to be in the weather center with me, I mean come on Cincinnati needs a Doppler Dog, what do you think?

Have A Great Day!

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  1. Maybe you should try hanging a towel on the door knob to your loft that way you can dry him off before you open the door and he wont make as much of a mess.