Friday, February 26, 2010

Meeting Ed

Hi, It's Meghan.

We interview a lot of people. Not often does a conversation really sticks with me, but the one I had with Alyssa Stein did. The 15 year old from Batesville Indiana is recovering from an eating disorder. I interviewed her for my story on Body Image. I never really understood an eating disorder or Ed (like the man's name - that's what she and her therapist Dr. Susie Mendelson call it)

Alyssa talked about how she would barely eat anything wanting to control her look and life - it made her obsessed with food. In one way or another I think all women are concerened with the food we put into our body. What I learned from Alyssa and Dr. Mendelson was to NOT focus weight - those dreaded numbers on the scale. But more on if you feel healthy and fit. (It's hard....often i get on in the morning close my eyes and hold my breath, hoping the carrot cake I ate last night doesn't add a pound or two.)

Alyssa is on the road to recovery. She did it by talking about her issues, writing them down and really changing they way she thinks.

If you or someone you know might need help, here's a link to Dr. Mendelson:

By the way she says the fastest growing segment of women with an eating disorder right NOT teenagers - but older woman trying to fight metabolism and middle age.

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