Monday, June 4, 2012

How About Brunch !

Good Morning Marzullo Here...So if you know me I like to eat, in fact I plan my meals out if it is 8am and I do not know what I will be having for dinner then something is wrong with me. Over the last several years one meal I have become more and more fond of is brunch. The textbook definition of brunch is a meal eaten in the middle of the morning, usually it is somewhere between breakfast and lunch, and is usually a substitute for both of these meals. I like it because you can get away with eating a combination of something salty and sweet. I checked out a new option yesterday in the East Hyde Park. I have been here for lunch and dinner but it was my first time at Cumin for brunch and it was awesome. Some of the favorites my group got were the Funnaffles and the Stone Bowl. So the Funnaffle is a fried waffle with a maple fried egg, ham, and apples on top with a maple and brown butter cream sauce. The Stone Bowl is similar to one of those hot plates that sizzle when you order fajitas some where. Inside you will find sizzling eggs, peppers, bacon, potatoes, leek, and cheddar cheese. You had the bellini bar and you have a pretty relaxing brunch. A couple more of my favorite brunch spots in Cincinnati are Ottos in Covington, I love there eggs Benedict. I also like the hasbrown casserole at Bronte Bistro at Joseph Beth and some of the best pancakes in town can be found at Annabelles in Mount Lookout. They are made with corn and have a brown sugar honey butter on them. So this weekend skip breakfast and put off lunch and try some brunch.

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