Thursday, June 14, 2012

My “Tiny Dancer”

Good morning, Dan Wells writing!  It’s "recital season" for dance studios across the Tri-state and this is my “Tiny Dancer.”

If you can’t tell by the picture I’m blogging today about my daughter Allison’s dance recital this past weekend.

“Pretty eyed, pirate smile, “yup those lyrics from that famous Elton John song sum it up.  My daughter had me memorized as she took the stage at Notre Dame Academy on Saturday with her MJM Dance Studio troop. 

She smiled, danced her little heart out and did GREAT!!  

What stuck with me as she “tapped” and “pranced” her way across the stage wasn’t the costumes, music or my fear “someone” would get lost in the moment, it was just how fast our kids are growing-up. 

I know, I’m getting sappy but let me indulge for just a moment.

For some background, this year’s recital was a bit different from years past.  It was a brave new world with no instructors on stage guiding our brave little four year olds through the motions. Thankfully, the girls rocked both their tap dance and ballet numbers with confidence, grace and purpose.  

Shelia and Tracey often tell me to soak-in every moment…how right they are. 

Finally, what made the weekend perfect was the fan club that came to watch Allison.

Both sets of proud Grandparents from Pennsylvania were in the audience and even a set of, GREAT grandparents made the six hour trip to the Tri-state!

It was so fun having everyone here.

CONGRATS my “Tiny Dancer.” I hope you enjoyed your shining moment because your Dad will never forget it. 


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