Monday, May 3, 2010


It's been said that music tames the savage beast. It's not bad for toddlers either.
Hi, Sheila here. I enrolled my son Eric in Kindermusik classes when he was around 18 months old, and it quickly became one of his favorite things to do. Now he's nearly three, and he loves that weekly time with Miss Linda and his friends.

There is a lot of research which shows music can help children with math skills and discipline, and the Kindermusik classes are tailored to help toddlers with things like language and self control. For Eric and me, it's just plain fun. I can't think of too many things that are funnier or cuter than watching a bunch of two-year-old's learning to play simple instruments, singing and dancing to "The Wheels on the Bus," or having a parade with drums that are just their size. Sometimes the drum sticks don't quite make it onto the drum head. Some of the children are already pros at the parade wave!

Miss Linda usually reads the children a story while they sit on her "froggy blanket," and they all grab a piece of it when it's time to put it away (yes, 10 kids all carrying one blanket). It's sweet to see how much they love helping. One day Eric and I were driving home from our class, talking about what we had done that day, and Eric sighed, "I love Miss Linda."
Our last class of spring was last week, and we will miss that weekly date with our friends. Linda Kohlhepp is the teacher of our class in Erlanger, but Kindermusik has teachers and classes all over the tri-state. You can find out more about the classes and locate one near you at

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  1. Thank You, Sheila for your kind words and sentiment about our program. Actually, we teachers are the luckiest people in the classroom!! We are honored to experience the growth and development of our toddlers each week. Our Kindermusik PARENTS are among the MOST DEDICATED, nurturing, loving people I've had the pleasure to know. I'm so happy that you and Eric enjoyed our time together--I know I certainly did!!
    Have a wonderful summer~
    Miss Linda