Monday, May 3, 2010

The Flying Pig Marathon

I decided not to run the "pig" this year.
Good Monday morning. Rob here.

The flying pig is my favorite marathon. The crowd support is fantastic especially when you hit Hyde Park Square.
I wasn't running this year but wanted to cheer on the runners. I decided to plant myself in front of the Krohn Conservatory. I think the hardest part of the entire marathon is up Gilbert and through the park. It is almost all up hill. However, by the time you hit the conservatory, you are almost to the top of the hill. I thought this would be a great place to cheer on runners.

I was on the lookout for Chris and Lance. They help train people with the City Gospel Mission in Other-the-Rhine. Here's a story I did on them and the group.

I was also looking out for my trainer John, and 3 friends who work with the Reds, Corey, Ryan and Zach. They looked strong. Wet but strong. Corey and Zach ran the half pig. Ryan ran the whole thing. His first marathon. Cheering in the rain was tough, so hats off to all the people who did the pig this year.

Oh yeah, "Elvis" was up the street from us performing. The runners all really seemed to like him. However it doesn't take much to entertain marathoners who are looking for any kind of distractions.

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