Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Historic Night for Reds

Hi it's Meghan:) I'm a little sleepy because I stayed up to go to the Reds game Monday night. It was a celebration to the team for making Major League history by being the first to play under lights.

Wow - The Reds organization did a great job with the tribute! They did everything from a live mascot race to selling cups of peanuts for 10cents.

The part I really liked was the game - for the first time I wasn't distracted by the modern day music, video or games. Even the scoreboard and rest of the video boards had just the basic information. I focused on enjoying the experience with my friends, listening to the old time organ music and watching the team playball. I got a sense of how watching baseball use to be.

I did a story leading up to the game by talking to some of the fans that were there that night. The two were boys then and 81 years young now:) They had some great things to say. Click here to watch my story

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