Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Comfort Food / Chocolate Milk Diet

Good Morning Friends, Marzullo The Weatherman Here....
With all of our gray skies, drizzle, and cooler temperatures I had a craving for some comfort food yesterday for lunch! So I made my way over to Lavomatic on Vine Street in the Gateway Quarter. It's a quaint, open floor plan, and simple little place, but the food is certainly not simple in taste. My co-anchor and pain in my side sometimes, Rob Williams always talks about there grilled cheese with boursin cheese and mild cheddar, so I had to try it. I also paired that with my favorite type of soup tomato bisque, that was topped with a splash of pesto and sprinkled with mozzarella cheese. Sooooooo Gooooooood!! What is about those type of dishes that bring you back to child hood and make you feel all warm and cozy inside? What is your favorite comfort food dish?

Now on a negative side, I had to force myself to stay up yesterday afternoon, I was so full and sleepy after my meal it was not even funny! However, I did make it to the gym yesterday afternoon something you must do after eating what I had for lunch. Speaking of the gym are you dieting? Are you trying to eat healthy? Early this week I got a email about a new type of diet. I recently read a article on the chocolate milk diet, yes you heard me right a diet made of chocolate milk. I love chocolate milk probably have two glasses a day. It quenches your thirst and fills you up all at the same time, I have always said it feels like a shot of healthy energy. There is nothing better if I had to be a on a island and only could bring two things, I would bring a cow for milk and Willy Wonka because I am sure he would have some device that would make chocolate. We will discuss this later in the week, but in the meantime read it here:

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