Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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I feel a bit like Sybil. Remember the 70's movie, starring Sally Field? I was too young to be allowed to watch it, but I had a friend who was, so I knew it was about a woman with multiple personalities.

Sheila here.
Quick story. When I first started out in broadcasting in Charleston, West Virginia, I had a different last name. It was my maiden name, which is not Gray. But my boss at the time thought it was a name radio listeners wouldn't trust, so he asked me to change it. He's the one who came up with Gray.

When I got married, I took my husband Ric's last name, and for years I've introduced myself based on the situation, e.g. if I'm at my daughter Katie's school, I say my name is Sheila Robinson. If it's a work situation, I'm Sheila Gray. It can be confusing! People ask me why I don't use Robinson on the air or why I don't make Gray my legal name, or even why I don't go back to my maiden name, but that would be just as confusing! I've been working with this name so long, people all over the country with whom I've worked or come in contact know me this way. I like having the same name as my husband and kids, so I keep Robinson for my private life.

So now the confusion extends to Facebook. I've had a page since last year, but it was something I kept for myself, to stay connected with family and friends. This week I opened up a new page for Fox 19. I have to admit it's making me a little crazy to keep track of two, but it's such a great way to make contact with people, I will weather through it. So send me your friend requests, and in the meantime, you can call me Sybil.

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