Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FOX19 Press Release: Frank Marzullo Named Blog Czar

Have you ever seen the movie Anchorman? It is a classic for those in the television news business, who long for the day when the local anchorman or anchorwoman would give you the days news then spend there evenings buying new suits, having supper, and watching baseball games!! ( Wait you mean those days are over? ) Wow, I got into this business about 10 years to late!

With that said, new technology and progress allows us to interact with you more than ever before at About 5 months ago we here on the FOX19 Morning News started this Morning News Blog. This is a place where Rob, Sheila, Meghan, Sara, and myself can share news on community events, discuss the days top stories, and share some personal stories with you about our thoughts on our city. However, as of late many of us have been slow to update the blog.

Those days are now over, as I have been appointed Morning News Blog Czar, by new FOX19 News Director Matt Miller. " We are very excited about this new opportunity for Frank, we feel that his energy, passion, and ability to spend more time on You-Tube then anyone else at the station will allow him to keep our Morning News Blog current and up to date", Miller says.

So, while I joke most of the time, this is actually no joke, I have really been put in charge of making sure my co-workers update this blog with fresh content every single day. So I have assigned my co-anchors each a day where it is there responsibility to update it by 7am, so this guarantees we will be current. I will then be held accountable if they do not get it done, so yes I am the Blog Czar. All I ask is respect and commitment, which I know 3 of the 4 them will give me, but one co-worker decided to slack on his first day. I was shocked to get a e-mail from my boss saying the blog was not updated yesterday. Guess whose day it was? You got it, ROB WILLIAMS! He was blogging about something he did Saturday, but still found other things to do then update his blog. This is unacceptable I told Rob, he is letting you all down! I will now have to watch over him and makesure he gets his updates done. Maybe, he should not spend as much time running and looking at With that said, he promises from this point on to make sure he updates properly on his day.

So I hope you enjoy our postings and continue to interact with us right here on I take my new post very seriously, but I just realized I am not getting any extra cash for my new post.

All The Best....FOX19 Blog Czar Frank Marzullo

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