Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Good Morning Everyone, Weatherman Frank Here, I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Of course, the true purpose of this holiday to honor the men and women who have served us and we will always be thankful. Over the years it has also become a weekend to spend with family and friends and to unofficially kick off summer. Well, Mother Nature with all of her heat and humidity has also welcomed summer a tad early this year. I spent the muggy weekend up North with my family and seeing old friends. It brought back so many memories, in my hometown of Chagrin Falls, Ohio each memorial day weekend we would have our Blossom Time Festival, a parade and a run, all along the wonderful Chagrin River.

As many of you probably did this weekend when hanging with family, we did a lot of eating. What was your favorite dish this weekend? On Sunday my family had a fantastic BBQ, where we spent time with my uncle who served our country and I also got to see my cousins who I have not see in awhile and my aunt who was up from Florida. My dad broke out the BBQ and made the largest chickens I have ever seen, we could of made several meals out of these chickens, in between the Bocce Ball games and interesting family conversation it was a great afternoon. One of those conversations turned to Halloween costumes when we were young kids, I brought up the fact that one year I chose a very interesting Halloween costume. My brothers were Mickey Mouse and Pinocchio and so I wanted to be Geppetto, yeah I know what kid says I want to be Geppetto?? I did I guess, so after the conversation I went down into the basement and searched for the picture for proof, so here ya go.

Even Mr. Benson took part in the fun, he loves my parents backyard because he can run free, and he also got a bit tired so he took sometime to soak in the sunshine. All in all it was the perfect kick off to summer, now I just need to hit the gym heavy this week and really for the rest of the summer, but for some reason I am already thinking of my next meal.

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