Monday, June 14, 2010

Awesome Abs Anyone??

A friend invited me to workout out at FitNext at the corner of 14th and Liberty. I wanted to say no, but for some reason I said, "sure."

Hey guys. Its me Rob. I've been away for a while, but I'm back.
I wanted to say no because it was an "abs only" class at 8 in the morning. That's seems early especially the morning after the Reds game that went extra innings and had a fireworks show afterwards.

FitNext is a a personal training and group fitness studio run and owned by Cris Smith. My friend Eric swears by him. On his website bio his training philosophy states, "Don't look to me for sympathy." He was tough and funny. When we started dragging, Cris kept saying, "You guys are starting to feel sorry for yourselves. Pick it up." The abs class lasted an hour. It was tough. If you're looking to work on your core, I think this class could help.

You can find out more at his website or email him at BTW I usually hate group fitness classes. This one I liked. Not too crowded and the instructor isn't constantly yelling at you. The timing is perfect for you to check out Cris and FitNext.

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