Monday, April 16, 2012


Marzullo Here: How was your weekend? After 78 and sunny on Sunday I would love for us to stay the course, however get ready for a rollercoaster of temperatures over the next 7 days from 70's to 60's and then 50's. It is Spring afterall

Speaking of Spring and getting out to enjoy the weather, I highly recommend taking a stroll along the mighty Ohio River. On Sunday evening after dinner we joined our friends for a lovely stroll through Sawyer Pointy and International Friendship Park. If you have never experienced this area of our city you are missing out. I had to refrain from making a stop in at The Boathouse for ribs and chips! I loved all the flowers and plants blooming, and the cool part all from different parts of the world. You can the see the flowers and plants represented with flags of there countries flying high over the park. People from all parts of our city were running and riding bikes along the river. Walking and taking it all in reminded me what a asset our city has and how we must preserve and nurture our natural treasure. Do yourself a favor next time you come down for a game or event or just have some free time, enjoy our parks.

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