Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Landscapers For Hire

Two tons of rocks and 14 backhoe scoops of mulch later, it’s done.

Brad here and after seven and a half hours of manual labor that Dan Wells and I did at Sheila’s last weekend I’m beat, but she has the best looking yard in the neighborhood if you ask me.

We arrived around 3PM on Friday to find a giant pile of rocks…..two tons to be exact. Have you tried to shovel up rocks? It’s not easy. We came up with a solution, one person held the large wide shovel while the other raked the rocks into it with the other shovel. Then it was on the wheelbarrows. We loaded, hauled, dumped, and leveled off the rocks behind the swing set.

Also, because of water issues we created a small little wall to prevent runoff.

Here's the finished rock garden.

Two tons in two hours!

After the rocks it was on to the mulch. This took the bulk of the time, but at least it was lighter than the rocks. When we first saw how much mulch there was and the area that needed covered we immediately said “we need more.”

Ask and ye shall receive. Eight more scoops arrived from the Stone Center in Boone County. Wheelbarrows full, load after load we sweated through the afternoon. We were titans of the backyard.

We took a break after about three hours for dinner. Sheila cooked up some burgers. Very delicious. Actually tasted better than burgers I made at my place earlier in the week. After the dinner break, it was back to work. We continued through the night, finally stopping after 9PM when we could not see anymore and our backs could not take another wheelbarrow run.

We only had a little bit to finish up on Saturday and despite the rain, we completed our job. What a journey. It was actually a great full body workout and rather rewarding to see the finished product.

So, do you need some yard work done? Holla at the morning crew. I’m serious.

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