Monday, April 30, 2012

Family Traditions

Good Morning Marzullo Here, I had the smells of my childhood through my house yesterday afternoon as my future wife and I for the first time attempted to make my grandma Marzullo's homemade pasta sauce and meatballs. The back story is that none of the men in my family really know how to make the sauce it was taught to all the women / wives so my mother knows how to make it and would make it just about every Sunday filling the house up with the smell of tomatoes, oregano, and garlic when we would grow up. A few months ago mom came down and taught my fiance' Leslee how to make the sauce. First off I have to say she nailed it yesterday afternoon the sauce was perfect with our ravioli that we picked up at Findlay market. I personally love the meatballs they were not dry at all consisting of veal and lean ground sirloin plus we added breadcrumbs, tons of garlic, and egg. The key to good Italian sauce is the pork, yes you heard me pork. We quickly brown some pork ribs in a pan and then place them in the sauce and slowly cook them with the sauce so they fall apart when you dig in and eat them. You add my new famous garlic rolls that I make and we had awesome dinner with friends last night. I have to give Leslee all the credit because she really nailed this family tradition as she is now part of the family!! We started a new tradition to with her recipe for Amaretto Ice Cream Balls!! WOW

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