Monday, April 23, 2012

My Kind Of Town Chicago Is...

Good Morning Everyone, Marzullo Here...With our Reds coming back to town this week, it would be great to see us hit a more consistent stride. We did take two from Chicago this past weekend, however the one day I made the drive up to Chi-Town we lost. Yep, made the drive north to support our Reds in my second favorite city behind our Cincinnati. While the weather was very chilly and the outcome of the game was not that great, I still had a awesome time. You have to love Wrigley Field. Built in 1914 this is how a game should be watched, sure a lack of bathrooms and fancy scoreboards but it's about a the game and Chicago does it up right. I noticed they did add a new scoreboard down the first base line in the outfield but they did it right with mainly green video backdrops so it blends in. I feel with the Banks now downtown and the restaurants going in around Great American, that we are taking a page from Chicago. Cub fans make a day of it hanging around before and after the game in Wrigley-Ville. I went up with my father who met me after flying in from Cleveland and he was pumped for some of those famous Chicago dogs we get them every game we attend. After the game we met my brother for dinner at a awesome Italian Steakhouse. Open since 1941 Gene and Georgetti's is located downtown and sits right under a set of train tracks. This place is awesome, and many a celebrity and musician have entered the doors for steak and pasta. I opted for this veal with a white wine and garlic sauce, however my brother Nick went with the big steak! I highly recommend it on your next trip.

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