Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Love This Town!

"Are you glad we went to the Zoo today?" I asked my four year old son, Eric.

His enthusiastic reply: "Yeah, we got the stink off!"

Sheila here.

I had a couple of days off for spring break, so Eric and I made our first trip of the year to one of our favorite places, the Cincinnati Zoo. You only have a few days left to catch Zoo Blooms. Many of the tulips are still out in full color, but we noticed the Zoo's gardener's digging up the bulbs which are finished.

In fact, it was a hub of activity, and work crews pounded nails on the roof of the Reptile House. We also noticed diggers and earth movers when we were on the train ride. It was chilly for spring break, compared to the weather we've had lately, but when I asked Eric to tell me his favorite part of the day, he said, "Everything!"

And even though it's been nearly a week since our hometown's biggest holiday, I have to give a nod to my Cincinnati Reds. Opening Day is my favorite day to live here in Cincinnati, and this year did not disappoint. I love hanging out with my Fox 19 friends at the parade, along with seeing, well, nearly everyone else who lives here! We grabbed hot dogs at Findlay Market, and we checked out the new Moerlein Lager House. I felt like I was in college again as Katy, Stephanie, and I waded through that crowd at the Reds' Block Party.

Then I met up with hubby Ric at the game. That's Joey Votto there behind us on the ground! (Our daughter Katie was there too, but I never saw her until after the game was over.)

That brat at Great American Ball Park tasted even better than I remembered, and when Jay Bruce hit that homerun the sound of fireworks coming out of the stacks in right field was music to our ears. Even better - a Reds win!

I'll say it again - I love this town!

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