Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So They Say I’ve Got A Man Crush

Good morning, Brad here and I’m talking about American Idol contestant Phillip Phillips.
I never watched American Idol before this year, and I didn’t go into the season thinking I was going to watch it. The day after the final 12 episode my good friend Jason Quick calls me and says “you need to watch American Idol. There is a guy who is Dave Matthews Jr.” We will get to that obsession in a little bit. So, I looked up his performance online and instantly I was hooked. I have recorded every episode since and I will continue to watch this season play out with just three weeks left.

Each week he (Phillips) gets better. They all do, but I really think he has more than a shot to win it. The way he sang “Fat Bottom Girls” last week was great. A perfect song for him to sing. I was hype, smiling and grooving the whole time. He has a true front man swagger and I love it. He’s so different but the same. The judges keep saying “you know who you are.” He does and he kills it every time. Since the season began, Phillips has been compared to Dave Matthews. The way he sings. The way he dances. Everything about him. That’s fine with me, his is my favorite band and I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve seen over 60 live shows, (insert joke here.)

Last week I saw the spoiler set list that was tweeted out by an Idol producer.
It only had song names with the original artist and not who was going to sing it on idol. When I saw “The _______ by The ______ _______ Band,” my jaw dropped! Really, is he going to do this?!?! Is it “The Stone” by The Dave Matthews Band? I was nervous, excited, and very scared for him. Then I think, OK, DMB isn’t the only band with a name like that; Steve Miller Band, Freddy Jones Band, Edward Sharpe Band, etc. He won’t do it and I don’t want the haters to start circling.

Nope, I take that back, I want him to do it and kill it.
Then he comes out of nowhere…and I mean NOWHERE with this crazy, off the wall, musical genius but extremely risky rendition of “The Stone,” a personal favorite a mine.
Just him, a fiddle and a baritone sax.
At first I liked it. Then I hated it. Then I loved it! Back to eh and once again loving it! Very risky but I think that’s what got me. It was so risky, but a brilliant take. Was it good for Idol? Probably not. The crowd didn’t seem to know when it was over and then stood up clapping. As a music fan. A Dave super fan. A Phillip Phillips fan, I loved it. Jennifer Lopez didn’t like it, (oh well, don’t really care) Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler loved it.

I said after his first performance - He will win idol. I stand by the pick.

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