Thursday, May 3, 2012

Power Of A Promise

The “FUNK” of life.

Tracey Johnson here……hello. I borrowed that phrase from a very special person in my life that was sharing the “funk” they are in. We’ve all been there…right?

But, it’s moments like Monday evening that help me claw my way out of my “funk.”

I was invited to be a part of the POWER OF A PROMISE event through Susan G. Komen. The evening was filled with mixed emotions. Moments of cheering for those celebrating being cancer free and then moments when there wasn’t a dry eye in the place for those in the midst of radiation and chemo. No matter where these women and men are in the process, they all proudly wear a smile and beam with determination that they will be the winner in this fight. It was a room full of people that have one thing in common....BREAST CANCER. At one point, I shared that in all my years here on earth, I’ve never found myself in the midst of a such an incredible group of people. Breast cancer patients, survivors and those that have chosen to stand beside those diagnosed, cheering them on through this battle they did not choose, but, was chosen for them. Their eyes and smiles say it all. NONE of them were going to allow breast cancer to pull life from beneath their feet...but, determined to tackle it head on.

I don't have breast cancer or my mom or grandmother or aunt....but, I know plenty of women and men that do. So, for them, I am committing to join the ranks across this beautiful city that we live in, to fight back and help to find a cure for BREAST CANCER.

My one dear friend, Amy Wagner says it best, "I will not allow my daughter to grow up in a world without a cure for breast cancer."
So, won't you Mark your calendars and join us for the RACE FOR THE CURE on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29TH. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
For more information....Visit our THINK PINK page at

Many Blessings....

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