Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flying Pigs

Greetings, and happy Thursday! It’s Katy… Did you or a family member run the Pig this past Sunday? It’s a goal of my husband’s to run a marathon, and he’s well on his way now with the half-marathon under his belt. I have to say, I’m really proud of him for taking on a big challenge like a marathon. It’s tough work! Training in the dead of winter, getting up at 7am to go running in 10 degree weather isn’t appealing to many, but he did it! And he has a lot to show for it now. It’s actually got me thinking that I could start doing some smaller races. I don’t know about a marathon.. but maybe a 5K here… 10K there? Start small and work your way up! For now, I’m just fine being the cheerleader. That’s another thing I was really impressed with about The Flying Pig Marathon. How many cheerleaders there where on the sidelines! Tom said people were lined up all over the course, cheering on their friends, family and runners they didn’t know. There was so much spirit there with signs, hand-clapper noise makers and of course, people dressed up as pigs. I think this event will grow to be one of my favorites of the year here in Cincinnati.

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