Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers Day With Tenderloin

Good Morning Frank Here...How was your Mother's Day? I know the rain put a damper on the day, but as I said on my facebook, our moms have filled our lives with so much sunshine it still was a awesome day. So how did you honor mom? My mom I see a lot, however did not see her this past weekend, but I made sure to honor her properly with some awesome flowers and the phone call. She was just in town last week and I try to make everyday mother's day! I know that sounds cheesey but like many kids even though I sometimes act as if I dont hear or take moms advice it is always valued and for the most part I listen! Mother's are always there for us! Yesterday while waiting for the Reds game my fiance and I went to her parents house for Mother's Day dinner. I was in charge of the main entree and I made a 4 pound beef tenderloin that I do have to say was fantastic. I had it trimmed and tied, then I cut slits into it and put several cloves of garlic right in the meat. After rubbing it with peppercorn, sea salt, and olive oil...I then seared it on a hot grill. After marking all sides of it I turned the two burners underneath the meat off and I cooked it with indirect heat from the other two burners for about 35 mins. Once it got to 130 degrees I let it rest and it was the perfect temperature. I sliced up some blue cheese butter that I made and we had a feast. I do smell a little like garlic this morning so I apologize.

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