Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bring on the flopping!

I’m talking NBA playoffs and specifically the Miami Heat with this blog title.

Good morning, Brad here and outside of March Madness, the NBA playoffs is best for me!

Those who know me know that I’m a die hard San Antonio Spurs fan as well as a Pacers fan. Indy is home, so it makes sense, the Spurs…that’s a childhood brainwashing session by a family friend who really is family. Shout out to Mike Vega!

Anyway, watching the Pacers vs. Heat game the other day I couldn’t help but notice a trademark LeBron James flop. This time on David West. In Round one he did against the Knicks. Heck, he was doing it back in Cleveland. Now, I can already hear my producer Dan Romito yelling Reggie Miller! Sure he acted up a little now and then, but not like this. Hey LeBron, “you just won your third MVP, act like it.” NBA Commissioner David Stern has talked about and the “flopping,” and it is a hot topic right now. I hope the refs wake up because it’s awful and has no place.

OK, I’m done whining about “king james.” The Spurs are looking primed for another run at the title. Coach Pop and the boys look strong and will sweep the floor with Clippers. The Spurs are healthy and having fun together. Looks like the Spurs of the early 2000’s.

Lakers and Thunder will be a good series too, but I’m a Kobe hater, a Lakers hater and I think OKC has this one. Spurs over Thunder in the West Finals.

Back in the East, Pacers beat the Heat. Celtics beat the 76’ers. Pacers over Celtics in the East Finals.

NBA Finals will look like Pacers and Spurs. Hmmmmm, where can I find a half and half jersey?

The Pacers pick is bold and could be a homer pick but this team is deep and peaking at the right time. They really remind me of the Thunder a few years ago…minus Kevin Durant. But seriously, this team is a legit threat for the next five years.

2012 NBA champions….The San Antonio Spurs. Five titles for Coach Pop and Tim Duncan.

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