Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Risky Ribs

I'm cooking ribs tomorrow for the Fox19 Morning News grill off. 
Pretty nervous about it.  I have never grilled ribs.   Love them, but they seem pretty complicated.
However, I have discovered an easy way to prepare them.  I think.  I hope.  Decided to cook ribs, after my weekend visit to Findlay Market.  A vendor there told me to start the ribs in a slow cooker, then finish them on a grill.  He promised me they would taste great.  Plus, you can't have a grill off without cooking ribs right?  Tracey did hot dogs.  Katy pizza.  Brad chicken.  Stephanie cheese stuffed burgers.  Dan salmon. Frank made pork loin yesterday. Today Sheila is making kabobs.  I have to make ribs right.  That's really all that's left.
I'm going to Findlay Market today and picking up baby back ribs.  I will get the rub from Col. De.   8 hours in the slow cooker and will finish them on the grill.  This method and recipe is untested for me.  Should be interesting.  See how or if it works out tomorrow morning.  Happy Tuesday.

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