Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Of Work...

Good Morning Everyone...How was the weekend? Frank Here! First a HUGE congrats to all of our Flying Pig Runners! I have tons of respect for all of you, I would need a lot of motivation to do it, but I did participate this weekend. I tried to motivate people with my bullhorn on Sunday during the last mile while I enjoyed a little bit of OJ. I think I could be a professional motivational speaker! In all seriousness great job! Before I took part in the cheering on of several friends on Sunday, I got down and dirty on Saturday. We have had a courtyard at our place that has not been touched in probably 30 years. We had everything from weeds the size of trees to tree stumps the size of vw bug . As you can see here in the before picture, it was not very attractive. We just want a area for our dogs to hang and for us to grill. So my father came down and he and I on a very humid Saturday afternoon dug, pulled, and spread about 2 1/2 scoops of mulch to clean the area up. Here you see the after picture and we are pretty proud of it. If you know me I am not the most manual labor type of person but you really do have a sense of accomplishment when you achieve something like this. For one I have never been to a Home Depot so much in my life, in fact 3 times on Saturday. One of my many visits I picked out these paver stones so I could make a nice path to the side gate. I also found several stones for the landing buried underneath the dirt and ivy. So our patio is now ready for flowers to be planted, this afternoon I will be building a small bed where I plan on planting rose bushes. When is all done will have a BBQ, I am excited to use our new grill that my parents got us. Have a great day!

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