Monday, August 13, 2012

Here Comes The Bride...Oh YEAH and the Groom!

The countdown is on, not I know they it is good luck if it rains on your wedding day, but what about your engagment party? Morning everyone Frank here, my fiance Leslee and I just got back from a awesome weekend in Cleveland where my parents got our friends and family together for a celebration of the upcoming nuptuals. We have not cleebrated with my family and our northern friends since we got engaged back in March. So after a hot and dry summer of course the first weekend for rain and cooler air came this Saturday, however the rain held out once once the party started and it was a awesome evening in the backyard with a fire and torchs all a blaze. My parents made us a feel so special and honored as some of Leslee's family also attended. We shared some great stories and had some awesome food and of course cocktails!! It was the perfect mood and fit as we countdown until the big day coming up in March. We also had a dry run at cutting the wedding cake we used my parents cake knife they got when they married back in 1978. We also recived our official cake knife for our big day!! We are so blessed to have great family and friends to help us lead up to our special day that will set the stage for the rest of our lives...LOVE IS IN THE AIR....Sappy? haha

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