Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tennis & Friends

Tracey Here ... Besides hanging out with my family….there is NOTHING I enjoy more than hanging out with friends and watching tennis.

I’ve been at this year’s Western & Southern since they took to the courts this past weekend. One of my best friends and former tennis partner came in for the tournament to hang out and take in see some great tennis. I adore her friendship and LOVE talking tennis with her. We have a lot in common….EXCEPT who we cheer for. She is a Nadal fan….I am a HUGE FEDERER FAN!!!!(understatement) Speaking of cheering…..It’s a side most don’t get to see of me. If I like you….you can hear me! Just ask my family.:)

So, I’ve seen some really great matches so far…..
Brian Baker. Just making a comeback after what could have been a career ending surgery in 1999. He could definitely hear me. Unfortunately lost his second match.

James Blake. Came into the tourney as a wild card. Won his first and lost his second! He too could hear me!

I’ve always liked Novak Djokovic….but, after yesterday? Wow!!!!!
I was given a media pass that gave me access to the bench on the court. Unbelievable to be up so close and personal.
After Novak’s win to Andreas Seppi, he came over to sign autographs. I actually had a conversation with him. At one point he asked if I would like for him to sign something? I started frantically digging through my purse only to find Rafa’s personal card handed out by the tournament. Ah…no! Definitely not going to work. He said, ”Just give me your media pass” and thanked me for coming.

Alright Federer, you better step up to the plate. Novak is moving in!
Happy Tennis!

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