Thursday, August 2, 2012

The road well traveled!

Good morning, Dan Wells writing. I hope this note finds you well and in good spirits. 

My blog today is about a road well traveled.  My random idea for today’s post came as I drove back on Ohio 32 from vacation in North Carolina.

On its long, empty stretches, the Appalachian Highway or OH 32 gives drivers green vistas of southern Ohio's rolling hills and from my perspective a blissfully gorgeous and tranquil afternoon drive.

The 170-mile road runs from Cincinnati's eastern suburbs to southeastern Ohio.   We drove it to come home “the back way” from the beach.

For my family, the trip home was a flawless ride in every respect.  On this particular day, Sunday, we’d just rolled into, Ohio after a run of a few hundred miles through the heart of the Mountain State, Virginia and North Carolina.  My girls were entertained, my wife sleeping,  and I was pretty relaxed after a week full of sun and sand.

I’ve always enjoyed Ohio’s roads, but this day was the sweetest in recent memory. I found this stretch of road along our 12 hour journey clean, deserted, begging to be driven, and soaked in.
At the beginning, if you’re not familiar, OH 32 traverses a remote, undeveloped corner of the state hugging the Ohio River.

It proved to me to be a great road for reflection driving; that special time in when your usual stream of thoughts are overwhelmed by the sheer perfection of life and nature; the cast of late afternoon light, a rush of warm air, views ranging to the horizon, you get it.

This was one of those times.

My point in this blog is to not brag about a vacation or my experiece on the open road but rather to encourage you to literally enjoy the ride.  If you slow down, look around "the road well traveled" may just surprise you with all it gives back.

Happy Travels

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