Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chicago Blizzard

I don't know if you watched the second football game a week ago Sunday, but I was there. It was blizzard.
Good snowy morning everyone. Rob here.

Spent a few days in Chicago last week. That's not too unusual. A lot of tri-staters head to Chicago from time to time. Especially time of year, when it's decked out for Christmas. However, this time for the first time I decided to take the Megabus. Most of my friends thought it was a fine idea. I also remember Pat Barry telling us he took the Megabus to Chicago. He said it was easy and convenient. When I told Frank Marzullo, he laughed and said I would hate it. That kind of freaked me out a bit. Was he right? Will I be induced into a claustrophobic panic attack. At first, I thought of taking the bus that left at 1AM. I could sleep, but that sounded crazy to me. Maybe when I was in college this would work, but not today. I decided on the more civilized but that left around 9AM. The bus was nice. It's a double decker with a lot of seats. However, I really didn't want anyone sitting by me. So I took the worst seat on the bus. That's right, next to the bathroom. There weren't that many Cincinnati passengers, but I didn't know how many would join us in Indianapolis. Turned out not many. I really thought it was a comfortable ride. I didn't have to worry about driving. I could just relax. I suggest a portable DVD player or a laptop. You can catch up on your "stories" as my mother would say. Oh there's wifi on board. Nice bonus. Also the coolest part of my trip was seeing SSG. Salvatore Giunta. The first living person to be awarded the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War.

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