Thursday, December 9, 2010

Watching Sunday's Forecast

Frank Marzullo Here...Does it feel like it is a lot colder than usual? You would be correct! Our average high is in the mid-40's and for most of this week we have been in the low 20's for daytime highs and those wind chill factors ... WOW ... at zero or below. My friends, this is a late January and early February type of air mass that we are dealing with. Now it will warm up this weekend to near 40 by the Saturday, however our temperature roller coaster into Sunday will determine how much snow we will get Sunday. This system we are tracking will continue to change. As of now looking at rain on Saturday afternoon with possible rain snow mix far north on Saturday evening, but temperatures will warm and we will stick with rainfall through Sunday morning. Then depending on how fast the cold air moves in will depend how much snow we get Sunday. Right now it looks as if by mid-morning our snow change over will take place and snow showers will continue into Sunday afternoon. It is to early to predict snow totals because the track of just 50 to 100 miles could change this entire thing. Your FOX19 Stormtracker Weather Team will continue to track it and pin-point snow amounts as we get closer. You can track it here at . By the way it is not even WINTER YET!!!!

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